Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Color for Your Green Roof House

Finding the ideal exterior paint color for a house with a green roof requires careful consideration. The specific shade of green, architectural style, climate, and other factors should be weighed when selecting a color palette. The shade of the roof itself sets the tone, while colors like white, gray, brown, and beige often complement green roofs well. Consulting color specialists for guidance can prove invaluable. Testing paint samples and focusing on durability are prudent steps too. With proper planning, you can choose exterior paint colors that work in harmony with your distinctive green roof.

When embarking on an exterior house painting project, the roof color should be the starting point. A sage green roof calls for a different color scheme than a mossy dark green roof. Light green roofs pair attractively with off-whites and grays. Deep forest greens may demand a bolder complement. Evaluate how the current green roof color interacts with the facades and trim. This helps determine suitable hues. Test various paint color samples on-site and in natural daylight. Visually gauge how proposed paint colors interplay with the existing green roof shingles.

Consider the Specific Green Roof Color

The exact shade of green installed on your home’s roof should dictate your exterior color selection. Darker hunter greens and forest greens demand deeper, richer paint colors to mesh attractively. Soft pastel green roofs will look best with light, neutral paint colors. The green roof acts as an anchor point, while the ideal exterior paint colors will elegantly contrast or complement. Always compare physical paint swatches next to your actual roof coloring to accurately visualize how they’ll look together.

Common Green Roof Shades

When deciding on exterior paint for your green roof home, first identify the specific green shade present. Some common green roof varieties include:

  • Forest green – Very deep and dark green
  • Sage green – Soft, muted, grayish green
  • Lime green – Vibrant light green
  • Moss green – Earthy dark green with brown undertones
  • Seafoam green – Pale, bluish-green

The depth and intensity of the green will inform the contrasting or analogous exterior paint selection. For instance, deeper greens like forest and moss pair well with grays, browns, or even blacks. Meanwhile, brighter greens like lime and seafoam better match airy whites and beachy beiges. Evaluate the exact green before choosing paint.

what color to paint house with green roof

Complement the Architectural Style of Your House

When painting a house with a prominent green roof, the architectural style of the home itself also deserves consideration. The ideal paint palette should align with the design era and aesthetic of the house. A Victorian ornamented with varying green shingles calls for more ornate paint choices versus a sleek modern flat with an emerald roof. Research historical exterior paint colors associated with your home’s specific style.

Popular Architectural Home Styles

Here are typical exterior paint colors that complement some common architectural styles:

  • Craftsman: Beige, sage, brown
  • Colonial: White, black shutters, red door
  • Tudor: Gray, burgundy, brown
  • Modern: White, gray, black accents
  • Mediterranean: Earth tones, terracotta, yellow
  • Victorian: Purple, green, red, blue

The classic white colonial with forest green shutters remains a timeless combo. For a bold modern look, pair kelly green with sleek charcoal facades. Consult historical guidelines if your home is a registered landmark for appropriate period-specific paint suggestions. The architectural style of your green-roofed house is a deciding factor.

Factor in Your Climate and Region

Local climate and regional weather patterns should weigh into your exterior house paint decision. Darker paint colors tend to absorb heat from sunlight, potentially making homes warmer in hot climates. Lighter paint shades help reflect light, keeping houses cooler especially in warmer regions. Consider typical temperatures, humidity, seasonal solar exposure and other climate factors in your area.

Climate Considerations by Region

Suggested paint colors based on climate include:

  • Hot and humid (Southeast US): Light colors like white and beige
  • Arid and hot (Southwest US): White or light tans and taupes
  • Temperate (Midwest, East Coast US): Whites, grays, deeper greens
  • Cold and wet (Northwest US, Canada): Darker greens, blues, grays

A dark navy blue house with emerald roofing makes sense amidst rainy Seattle skies but would absorb excessive heat in Phoenix. Select outdoor paints strategically based on typical regional conditions and temperatures.

Test Paint Color Samples on Your House

Never choose final paint colors for a green roof house without first testing samples. Paint companies provide free sample strips allowing you to view small swatches of potential colors. Test these strips in different spots around the house, ensuring you view samples outside in natural daylight. Observe how the colors appear at different times of day as the light shifts. Paint sample boards with 2×2 foot sections to compare bigger patches together.

Swiping samples directly on the house itself is ideal. See how the shades interact with the green roof visually before committing to a full paint job. Shift samples to all facades and trim areas. If possible, leave samples up for several days, noting changes in appearance over time. Thoroughly testing paint colors on your actual home is the best evaluation method.

Choose Paint Colors That Complement Green

When selecting exterior paints for a green roofed house, aim for colors that complement the green rather than compete with it. Soft whites, beiges, and grays blend seamlessly with most green hues without overwhelming them. Avoid bold reds, purples, oranges or other loud colors that may clash instead of harmonizing. Neutral browns, taupes, and sage greens nicely accent green roofs as well. The green should take center stage so choose subdued paint colors that quietly compliment it.

Popular Green-Complementing Paint Colors

Some top paint colors for exteriors with green roofs include:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Light gray
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Taupe
  • Sage

Crisp whites spotlight the green roof without competing. Light beiges or grays blend agreeably. Soft browns and sages connect the earthiness of the green. Stick with muted, neutral paint shades that let the distinctive green roofing pop.

Seek Expert Guidance on Paint Selection

If struggling to visualize the perfect paint colors for your green roof home, consult specialists. Color consultants and interior designers have expert eyes for pairing colors. Describe your roof to paint store employees and ask for their color matching advice. Professional house painters and contractors have painted many homes and can suggest suitable hues. Read articles and guides written by architects on choosing exterior colors.

Design pros can illuminate combinations you may not have considered. They suggest colors appropriate for your specific roof shade, house style, and region. While their guidance shouldn’t trump your personal preferences, it may open your eyes to attractive options.

Prioritize Energy Efficiency with Light Paint

When selecting exterior paint colors, consider energy efficiency too. Lighter paint shades like whites, creams, light beiges and grays better reflect sunlight rather than absorb heat. Darker paints soak up more light and can lead to increased internal temperatures during hot spells. High temperatures drive up air conditioner usage and electricity bills in summer.

Painting your green roof home white or another pale shade helps reflect light and keeps interiors cooler. Reduced heat absorption increases the energy efficiency of your house. Lower summer energy expenditures combined with bright curb appeal make light paint colors an eco-friendly choice.

Choose Durable and Low-Maintenance Paint

Durability and maintenance requirements vary between exterior paint options. Consider longevity when selecting paint for a house with a green roof. Some cheaper paints fade faster or require reapplication every 5 years. Higher quality exterior paints withstand sun, rain, and weathering while lasting 7-10 years.

Since green roofs also demand periodic upkeep, choose an exterior paint that holds up over time. Look for exterior paint brands marketed as “durable” or “long-lasting” which undergo testing to verify longevity claims. Prioritize paints needing less frequent touch ups or repainting. This reduces maintenance costs for both roof and facades.

Use Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Paint

For homes with green roofs, eco-friendly paint may appeal too. Many brands now offer exterior paints with green certifications focused on sustainability.

Seeking paints with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) ensures less toxic fumes and environmental impact. Some paint contains recycled-content ingredients, diverting waste from landfills. Options sourced from renewable materials like plants and minerals are available too. Using green-certified, sustainable paint complements an environmentally-conscious green roof.

Choosing exterior paint colors to match a distinctive green roof requires careful planning. Consider the specific green shade, architectural style, and climate when selecting complementary hues. Test color samples extensively. Opt for durable, eco-friendly paints. With proper visualization and expert guidance, you can achieve exterior paint colors that enhance your home’s unique green roof.

Following these tips will lead to exterior paint decisions you’ll enjoy for years. And passersby will admire how elegantly the colors you’ve chosen accentuate your stylish green roof.

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