Choose the Perfect Bathtub and Surround Colors with Bath Fitter

When remodeling your bathroom, choosing the right bathtub and surround colors is key for creating a cohesive and stylish look. With so many options to pick from, it can be overwhelming trying to coordinate bathtub and wall colors. Fortunately, Bath Fitter offers a wide selection of color choices and finishes so you can easily match your bathtub liner and tub surround.

Read on to learn how to choose complementary hues and finishes that will give your bathroom a pulled-together feel.

Bath Fitter’s Bathtub Liner Color Options

Bath Fitter provides three different types of bathtub liner finishes – lusterstone, granite, and solid colors. Each finish comes in a variety of color choices to match your style.

Lusterstone Finishes

Lusterstone bathtub liners have a natural stone-like look, with subtle speckles and veining. Bath Fitter offers their lusterstone liners in three neutral but beautiful colors:

  • White – A crisp, clean white perfect for modern bathrooms.
  • Biscuit – A warm, sandy beige that pairs well with wood tones.
  • Linen – A light gray with a gentle hint of blue, great for tranquil spaces.

The muted color palette and natural pattern of lusterstone liners make them versatile and easy to coordinate with any decor. The durable acrylic construction also resists staining, scratching and mildew.

bath fitter colors and styles

Granite Finishes

For a bolder, textured look, Bath Fitter’s granite bathtub liners add stylish drama. These liners capture the look of natural granite stone in three elegant colors:

  • Grey – A cool, sophisticated charcoal hue with dark gray speckles.
  • Sandstone – Warm beige tones with tonal brown and taupe speckling.
  • White – Bright white with subtle gray veining for versatile style.

The stone-mimicry design and acrylic durability make granite liners a striking yet practical option. The bold colors pair nicely with soft, muted wall hues.

Solid Color Choices

Prefer a vibrant, seamless color for your bathtub? Bath Fitter’s solid color liners come in a rainbow of dramatic shades like:

  • Blue – From light sky blue to bold navy.
  • Green – Options range from soft sage to bright emerald.
  • Red – Choose from rich crimson to energetic fire engine red.

Without speckles or patterns, the solid color liners make a bold statement. Their high-gloss finish adds to the sleek, modern vibe. Solid colors pair nicely with muted, neutral tub surrounds.

Selecting Your Tub Surround Color

With 16 vibrant colors to choose from, finding the perfect complement to your bathtub liner is easy with Bath Fitter. Consider both cool and warm hues in your selection.

Vibrant and Neutral Surround Color Options

Bath Fitter’s tub surrounds come in a mix of both vivid, energizing colors and soft, neutral hues. Popular choices include:

  • Vibrant colors like Coral, Strawberry, Peach, and Lagoon for a fun, tropical vibe.
  • Natural hues like Sandbar, Canyon, Dune, and Sage for a soothing, spa-like look.
  • Soft neutrals like Linen, Biscuit, and White for a clean, bright backdrop.

Matching Surround and Bathtub Colors

Selecting the same color for both your bathtub liner and surround creates a streamlined, seamless look. The matching colors blend together for a smooth, monochromatic style.

This coordinated approach works well if choosing a solid colored tub paired with a surround in the same bold shade. Matching neutral hues like white or biscuit also gives a clean, consistent look.

Contrasting Surround and Bathtub Colors

For more visual interest, go with contrasting tub and surround colors. Choose lighter hues for walls paired with dramatic dark-colored tubs. Or vice versa – bold surround shades with neutral tubs.

Some examples of color combinations:

  • White tub liner with navy blue surround
  • Emerald green surround with biscuit lusterstone bathtub
  • Red tub liner and sandbar surround

The contrast adds dimension for a more dynamic, eye-catching bathroom design.

Coordinating Bathtub and Surround Finishes

In addition to color, don’t forget to coordinate the finishes between your bathtub liner and tub surround. Matching the textures gives a cohesive look.

Finish Options Overview

Bath Fitter offers both smooth and textured finishes for their bathtubs and surrounds. Consider:

  • Smooth – Glossy, seamless finish with a sleek look.
  • Textured – Provides visual and tactile interest.
  • Matte – Understated and elegant non-glossy finish.

Matching Finishes in Your Bathroom

Choosing the same finish for both your bathtub and surround is the easiest route to a unified aesthetic. The matching textures enhance the complementary colors.

This approach works well for contemporary designs where you want a sleek, streamlined look. Pairing a smooth white tub with smooth white surround panels gives a clean, consistent finish.

Creative Mix and Match Finishes

For more eclectic style, mix up your bathtub and surround finishes. Contrasting textures add visual punch.

Some creative combinations:

  • Smooth lusterstone bathtub with lightly textured surrounds
  • Glossy colored tub liner with matte finish walls
  • Textured granite tub paired with sleek, smooth panels

The mix of finishes adds depth and interest to your bathroom design.

With their wide selection of colors and finishes for bathtubs and surrounds, Bath Fitter makes it easy to coordinate your bathroom remodeling products. A few tips to pull your look together:

  • Choose a cohesive color scheme with matching or complementary hues.
  • Consider pairing bold bathtub colors with neutral wall panels.
  • Coordinate your bathtub and surround finishes for a consistent look.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix materials like glossy and matte.
  • Use Bath Fitter’s design consultation to explore your options.

By tapping into Bath Fitter’s versatile range of styles and finishes, you can create a flawlessly coordinated dream bathroom. Let their experts help you find the perfect colors and textures for your space. With the right bathtub and surround color combination, your bathroom will go from drab to fab.

Textured surfaces: In addition to traditional smooth finishes, Bath Fitter now offers textured surfaces for its acrylic products. This trend is gaining popularity in bathroom design, as textured surfaces add depth and dimension to the space, while also providing a non-slip surface for safety.

Bold and vibrant colors: While classic white and neutral tones are still popular choices, Bath Fitter is seeing an increase in demand for bold and vibrant colors. These colors can be used to create a statement piece in the bathroom or to add a pop of color to a neutral space.

Two-tone designs: Bath Fitter is now offering two-tone designs for its acrylic products, allowing customers to mix and match colors for a more customized look. This trend is perfect for those who want to incorporate multiple colors into their bathroom design without going overboard.

Smart technology: Bath Fitter is now integrating smart technology into its products, such as built-in speakers and lighting systems. These features allow customers to create a truly immersive and luxurious bathroom experience.

Natural elements: In line with the growing trend of biophilic design, Bath Fitter is incorporating more natural finishes and patterns to emulate the calming textures of nature. Look for wood-inspired grains along with organic shapes and earthy hues.

By keeping up with the latest innovations in color, texture, and technology, Bath Fitter continues to offer customers cutting-edge options to create their ideal bath sanctuary.

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