Choose the Best Half Round Window Curtains with This Guide

Half round windows can be found in many homes, often in spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and entryways. With their unique arched shape, half round windows require similarly shaped window treatments to fit properly. Curtains specifically made for half round windows allow you to stylishly decorate while controlling light and privacy.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the best half round window curtains. We’ll cover measuring correctly, rod options, styles, fabrics, light control features, smart options, and professional installation tips. With these insights, you’ll be able to confidently pick window curtains that complement your half round windows beautifully.

Measurements Needed for Half Round Window Curtains

Taking accurate measurements is an important first step for half round windows. This ensures you get curtains that fit well without any gaps or awkward spaces.

half round window curtains

Measuring Window Height

Use a steel tape measure to measure from the top of the window frame down to where you want the curtain rod installed. For floor length curtains, measure to the floor. For sill length, measure to the window sill. Add at least 2 extra inches if the curtains will have a decorative header at the top.

Measuring Window Width/Diameter

Measure the full diameter of the window including the frame. For multiple half round windows, take the measurement across the entire set. Add extra width to allow the curtains to stack on either side when open. An extra 12-18 inches is a good guideline per window.

Allowing Extra Length for Coverage and Puddling

When ordering curtains, add 8-12 inches of extra length to ensure full coverage and a graceful draping effect called “puddling” at the bottom. This prevents daylight gaps at the top and bottom of the curtains.

Curtain Rod Options for Half Round Windows

Choosing the right curtain rod is important to properly fit the arched window shape. Here are the main options to consider:

Arched Rods

Arched curtain rods are designed to match the curvature of your window for a streamlined look. They’re available in a variety of finishes like brushed nickel, bronze, and wood. Installation brackets allow the rod to mount flush to the wall at the corners.

Traverse Rods

Traverse rods contain inner pulleys to draw curtains smoothly across multiple windows. This makes them perfect for covering several half round windows across a wall. Traverse rods come in both curved and straight styles to accommodate room layouts.

Straight Rods

Straight rods are the most affordable option, though they don’t match the window shape. Mount them high enough above the window at ceiling height so curtains clear the arched top when drawn open and closed.

Curtain Styles for Half Round Windows

When selecting a curtain style, consider both appearance and functionality. Here are some top options for half round windows:

Tab Curtains

Tab curtains feature small horizontal attachment points sewn into the back to connect the curtains to the rod. This creates a very defined and tailored look. The tabs allow the curtains to stack tidily to each side. Sturdy fabrics like cotton and linen work best.

Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod pocket curtains thread onto the rod through a fabric channel sewn at the top. The gathered pocket gives these curtains a casual, billowy effect. Lightweight fabrics help enhance the draping.

Back Tab Curtains

Back tab curtains attach to the rod with vertical tabs sewn on the backside. The tabs keep the curtains snugly fitted within the window frame. These are great for privacy and light blocking.

Goblet Pleat Curtains

Goblet pleat curtains feature neat, uniform pinches folded back and forth. The formal pleated style works best with heavier weighting or stiffer fabrics that hold their shape well. They create a luxurious look.

Fabrics for Half Round Curtains

Fabric choice makes a big impact on the look and function of half round curtains. Here are some top options:


Cotton has a soft, casual texture and naturally provides fullness. The breathable weave helps maintain a comfortable indoor climate. Just note cotton shrinks so allow for extra length.


Linen curtains have an elegant, eco-friendly style. The fibers wrinkle easily but also help filter light softly. Linen works well for tab curtains and lightweight drapes.


Polyester holds pleats, headings, and shapes well. The synthetic material is more affordable and weather-resistant. But it lacks the drape and breathability of natural fibers.

Polyester-Cotton Blends

Blended fabrics combine the best properties of polyester and cotton. These provide nice draping with the ability to hold pleats and retain their structure. Blends work well for tab or goblet curtains.

Light Control Options

Beyond decor, curtains also control the light entering a room. Here are some options to fit your needs:

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are lined and tightly woven to block outside light. These are perfect for bedrooms or media rooms. Blackout curtains also help insulate windows.

Sun Control Curtains

Sheer curtain fabrics like lace, voile, and linen filter and diffuse sunlight gently. Light can enter while still providing coverage for privacy.

Thermal Curtains

Thicker curtain fabrics like wool, velvet, and quilted polyester help reduce heat transfer through windows. Thermal curtains limit heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Smart Features

Today’s curtain technology includes automated options to control your half round windows. Consider these for convenience:

  • Motorized curtains operate with the touch of a remote control or integrated wall switch.
  • Smart home integration lets you control curtains by voice command or smartphone app.

Installation Tips

Follow these professional recommendations when installing half round curtains and hardware for best results:

  • Space mounting brackets evenly across the rod, with additional brackets at the corners and window center for support.
  • Hang traverse rods using the manufacturer’s included pulley systems for smooth operation.
  • Hem curtain fabric just above the floor or window sill, leaving space for puddling.

With so many sizes, shapes, and styles available, it’s easy to find beautiful half round window curtains to match your home’s aesthetic. Consider all the options and utilize our measurement, hardware, fabric, and style guidance to choose curtains that fit and function perfectly. Your half round windows will be elegantly dressed in no time.

Half round window curtains not only provide privacy and light control, but also serve as a decorative focal point in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and other arched window spaces. Take the time to find the right curtains and hardware for your windows, and you’ll love the transformative effect. Happy decorating!

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