Captivate Dinner Guests With The Contemporary Charm Of TEO Chairs

When designing your dream dining space, the chairs you select play a pivotal role. Not only do they need to offer comfort during lingering meals with friends and family, but they must also complement your interior decor style. This perfect balance of form and function is precisely what the TEO solid wood dining chair achieves effortlessly.

Part of Vincent Sheppard’s inspiring “Atelier N/7” furniture collection, the TEO dining chair fuses top-tier comfort with a sleek, contemporary wooden frame. Subtle curves, elegant lines, and ergonomic shapes come together to create a chair that aptly fits around any table. Thanks to carefully selected materials like solid oak or beech wood alongside plush upholstery options, the TEO chair offers an irresistible invitation to relax into its embrace.

The Origins: Vincent Sheppard’s “Atelier N/7” Collection

To understand what makes the TEO dining chair so exceptional, we must first look at its origins. Renowned Belgian designer Vincent Sheppard draws inspiration from mid-century classics yet always maintains a contemporary edge. His furnishings are a masterful blend of vintage and modern – a look he has coined “new retro.”

The TEO chair stems from Vincent Sheppard’s popular “Atelier N/7” furniture collection of beds, sofas, chairs and tables. First debuted in 2015, the range combines sleek forms and luxurious materials like leather and oak. It takes cues from 1950s and 60s styles but with updated shapes suiting open-concept abodes. Neutral, livable pieces enable personalized arrangements and effortless coordination.

Design Ethos

According to Vincent Sheppard, Atelier N/7 draws inspiration from past Danish and French furnishings but always through a modern lens. The overall vision unites:

teo solid wood dining chair
  • Warm, welcoming pieces to enrich homes
  • Adaptability and customization for personalization
  • Conscious manufacturing processes and materials

This ethos shines through handsomely with every TEO dining chair , right down to the designer details and option to customize each piece.

TEO Chair Design And Craftsmanship

Beyond the overall “Atelier N/7” collection concept lies the DNA of the TEO chairs themselves. Offered in your choice of solid beech or oak wood frames, each material provides a subtly unique look. The beech exudes refined, contemporary charm at an affordable price point for full dining sets. Meanwhile, oak emanates natural warmth through differing stain options – a pricier yet longer-lasting hardwood.


In both wood varieties, touches of Scandinavian influences shine through the TEO’s streamlined silhouette. Subtle curves, angled legs, and exposed joinery emit a light, fresh aesthetic. The chair celebrates the natural wood tones with sleek metal accents around the base completing the airy look.

Beautiful Finishings

Beyond the chair’s foundational framing, Vincent Sheppard implements meticulous detailings that lend depth. The intersecting lines of the backrest resemble contemporary art, playing with geometry. Smooth beveled edges ensure safety and visual continuity, effortlessly leading the eye around each piece.

Oak Stain Options– Natural – Grey Wash -Dark Stain -White Oil
Customization– Backrest etching – Mix colors in sets

For the oak models, several on-trend stain options exist to align with your interior vision. And for an extra special touch, complimentary backrest etching takes personalization even further.

Upholstery And Comfort Features

Beyond its sleek form, the TEO dining chair also pampers occupants with plush upholstery options. The standard model boasts a smooth wooden seat for an organic edge. However, the upholstered TEO armchair variation beckons you to stay a while longer.

Padded Perfection

Outfitted with foam padded armrests and seating, the armchair cocoons you in comfort. Its updated wing-style back design offers ample support right where needed most. The integrated headrest enables you to relax back without slouching or strain. Durable vegan leather upholstery outfits the chair in a modern sheen that’s simple to wipe clean after meal spills or accidents.

Ergonomic Shape

Beyond the plush padding, the TEO armchair’s molded shape provides exceptional support. The angled seat encourages healthy sitting posture that alleviates back tension. A gentle waterfall front edge avoids pressure points on the back of legs for fluid circulation. Such ergonomic details enable comfortable lingering around the table without discomfort or restlessness.

TEO Chair Styles And Customizations

With design cues honoring mid-century style and distinct Scandinavian warmth, the TEO dining chair slots beautifully into various interiors. Keeping with Vincent Sheppard’s signature adaptability, the chair is available in standard and armchair options to align with your space.

Armchair or Standard

The upholstered TEO armchair introduces lavish comfort for statement appeal. Meanwhile, the pared-back standard chair maintains clean sightlines with its wooden seat. Mix and match both options around your dining table for an eclectic arrangement.

Customization Options

Make the TEO chairs truly your own with customization offerings. Upon ordering, choose your preferred oak frame finish from natural, grey wash, dark walnut or a painted white oil. Or select the golden brown beech wood for a contemporary edge. For extra personalization, consider complimentary backrest etching designs exclusive to your chairs.

Such flexibility enables planning chairs around your existing decor or color scheme. Alternatively, allow the chairs to take the lead in inspiring your interior revamp!

Dimensions And Specifications

With its gracious proportions, softly rounded edges and smooth, wooden seat, the TEO dining chair welcomes long, relaxing meals accompanied by easy conversation. But do not let the chair’s elegance deceive you – this well-built seat is created to handle everyday wear and tear.

Sizing And Capacities

Seat Height46cm
Weight Capacity120kg

With its slim 45cm profile, the lightweight chair can comfortably sit at tables as narrow as 90cm wide. Meanwhile, the 120kg weight capacity enables years of durable daily use without concern. For compact storage, the chairs also efficiently stack. So when not circled around your tablescape, they neatly tuck away without hogging precious square footage.

Easy Home Assembly

The TEO chairs ship disassembled in flat packs for streamlined delivery and reduced costs. But assembly takes just minutes following the included hardware and instructions. Simply screw together the leg frame, backrest, and seat using the Allen wrench provided to complete each chair. So from the moment the flat pack arrives until you host that first dinner party takes no time at all!

Bringing TEO Chairs Into Your Dining Room

Thanks to their versatile, transitional look the TEO solid wood dining chairs complement various interior motifs. But a few tips help you style them like the professionals!

Style Ideas

Around a circular or oval dining table, mix standard chairs and upholstered armchairs for textural variety. Arrange sets of four chairs or more for high-impact symmetry. Or use a single statement armchair at each end of a rectangular table for important guests.

Designer Touches

Play with chair heights by pairing TEO dining chairs with a bench on one side. Then tie together tones by layering table runners, cushions or centerpieces in coordinating oak or beech wood finishes.

For contemporary tables like those in marble, concrete or glass, allow TEO chairs visual space to shine. Avoid busy tablecloths competing for attention. Let the chairs introduce warmth among sleek surfaces instead.

Care And Maintenance

To preserve the beauty of your TEO solid wood chairs for years, some simple care steps maintain their good looks over time.


Frequent dusting keeps dirt and debris from building up within chair crevices. Occasionally wipe down the wooden chair frames using water dampened soft cloths followed by thorough drying. For upholstered armchair versions, immediately blot any liquid spills then spot clean using gentle soap and water.

Oil Reapplication

Depending on use, re-oil your TEO’s oak wood frames approximately every two years. Doing so nourishes the natural wood, preventing drying, cracking or splintering. It also renews and evens tone, revitalizing that warm, signature finish Vincent Sheppard intends.

Parts & Repairs

Should any damage or faults emerge on your TEO dining chairs , you needn’t replace the entire set. Many individual spare parts remain available to special order including cushions, screws or frames. Contact the retailer you purchased from for speedy solutions getting your TEO chairs back up and running again.

Where To Buy Vincent Sheppard’s TEO Dining Chairs

Thanks to Vincent Sheppard’s partnerships with retailers worldwide, several buying options exist for bringing home these contemporary wooden dining chairs.

Online & In-Showrooms

The TEO dining chair, its armchair variation and coordinating pieces like tables are available through leading online furniture websites. International shipping simplifies the process of outfitting your space in Belgium-inspired style. Or for a hands-on design experience, visit select physical showrooms to experience pieces first-hand.

Delivery Timeframes

Standard delivery takes approximately 2-6 weeks depending on product availability, customization selections and your location. Expedited delivery meets tigher schedules for an additional fee. White glove installation service delivers and sets up pieces in your home at your convenience.

Simplify With Single Retailers

Rather than piecing together dining sets from different shops, streamline through retailers like Savvy Home. Not only does shopping everything in one place maximize savings, but it also ensures cohesive, balanced interiors. Review return timelines before purchase in case anything needs exchanged or refunded after arrival.

Blending mid-century roots with Scandinavian charm, the TEO solid wood dining chair introduces contemporary allure to dining spaces. Its rounded curves, ergonomic support and plush upholstery options cradle you in comfort for hours on end. Yet despite its graceful form, durable solid wood framing withstands everyday use. Thanks to customization offerings, you can uniquely tailor TEO chairs to complement your existing decor or inspire its restoration. So why settle for lackluster seating when you can so easily captivate guests with chairs made to turn heads?

Let TEO chairs by Vincent Sheppard breathe new life into your interiors with contemporary comfort and style your dinner guests adore. Simply browse personalized purchasing options online or in showrooms today so you can soon host memorable mealtimes circled around your stunning dining chairs.

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