Bring the Breeze In: Why a Hanging Chair is the Perfect Addition to Your Living Room

Is your living room missing that special something that makes it truly feel like a sanctuary? Do you find yourself wishing you had a cozy reading nook where you could curl up with a good book? Or maybe a peaceful spot to sway gently while listening to your favorite music?

If so, it might be time to consider adding a hanging chair! Often called an egg chair or bubble chair, a hanging chair is a unique seating option that can bring a sense of relaxation and harmony to your living room decor. Suspended from the ceiling by chains or ropes, these chairs allow for a soothing, subtle rocking motion that instantly evokes feelings of peace and serenity.

What Exactly is a Hanging Chair?

In their simplest form, hanging chairs are chairs that hang from the ceiling. But beyond that basic description lies an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. From intimate, cocoon-like pods to spacious saucer seats, hanging chairs come in endless configurations to match your living room’s size and aesthetic.

living room swinging chair

Common types of hanging chair designs include:

  • Egg chair: Has a tear-drop shape that cradles the body
  • Bubble chair: Features a transparent, spherical-shaped seat
  • Basket chair: Woven from natural rattan or wicker
  • Bohemian chair: Decorated with macrame, fringe, or other details
  • Pod chair: A compact, enclosed seat with a rounded shape
  • Saucer chair: A wide, open circular seat suspended from a central point

Hanging chair frames can be made from materials like wrought iron, aluminum, steel, or wood, with seats fashioned from fabric, acrylic, rattan, and more. This variety means you can find the perfect chair to complement your living room’s existing look.

Why Add a Hanging Chair to Your Living Space?

Beyond just looking cool, hanging chairs offer many benefits that make them a smart addition to your home. Here are just a few of the top reasons to consider installing one in your living room:


The gentle, swaying sensation of a hanging chair has natural stress-relieving properties, encouraging your body to completely unwind. The cradled feeling and cocoon-like enclosure promote ultimate relaxation for both the mind and body.

Ergonomic Comfort

Hanging chair designs often naturally conform to the shape of the body, providing better ergonomic support than a traditional chair. The suspended structure evenly distributes body weight for maximum comfort.

Soothing Motion

The subtle rocking and swinging motion creates a calming, peaceful effect. As you gently sway, you’ll feel a sense of harmony that melts stress away.

Stylish Statement Piece

A hanging chair serves as a unique focal point and conversation starter in any living room. The eye-catching silhouette stands out, lending a modern, bohemian, or retro vibe.

Multipurpose Use

From reading to napping to music listening, hanging chairs make perfect perches for all your favorite living room activities. Their versatility means you’ll get plenty of functional use from your new statement piece.

Choosing the Right Hanging Chair

With so many styles and options available, it can feel overwhelming to choose the perfect hanging chair for your living space. Keep these tips in mind as you shop:

Consider Your Room Size

First, think about the dimensions of your living room to select a size that will fit the space appropriately. Measure to make sure there’s enough clearance to accommodate the chair’s full swinging radius.

Factor in Weight Capacity

Check the chair’s weight capacity to ensure it can safely support you. High-quality chairs designed for indoor use can hold up to 400 lbs or more.

Complement Your Decor

Choose a finish and style that enhances your existing decor. For a bohemian vibe, woven rattan or macrame fits right in. Sleek acrylic or metal pairs well with modern spaces.

Determine Placement

Decide where you want to hang your chair before purchasing. Make sure the ceiling area has a beam strong enough to support the weight. Having a plan for where to install it will ensure you buy the right chair for the space.

Assess Added Features

Consider bonus features like cushions for added comfort, built-in LED lights for ambiance, or Bluetooth speakers to enjoy tunes. These extras come at an added cost but can enhance your experience.

Ideal Hanging Chair Placement

To help you determine the perfect spot to install your hanging chair, here are some of the best placement options:

In a Corner

Tucked into a corner, a hanging chair utilizes unused space while making the corner more functional. Arrange other furniture at an angle to accommodate the chair’s swing radius.

Near a Window

Suspend your chair next to a window so you can gaze outside while enjoying the breeze and natural light. Make sure the view is unobstructed.

Along an Empty Wall

Center your hanging chair on a wall without other furniture or decor. Space it evenly from surrounding pieces to keep the area from feeling crowded.

By the Entryway

Create a welcoming entry by hanging a chair near the front door. It’ll not only look stylish, but also provides a spot to sit while putting on shoes.

Installing Your Living Room Hanging Chair

Ready to get your new chair up and hanging? Follow these steps for a safe, secure installation:

Locate Ceiling Beams

Use a stud finder to identify ceiling beam locations. Choose a spot with a beam running perpendicular to the hanging direction to provide stability.

Confirm Load Capacity

Verify your ceiling area can bear the chair’s full weight plus additional load. Consult an engineer if you have any concerns over bearing capacity.

Select Hanging Method

Decide whether to bolt directly into ceiling beams, use a swivel hanging kit, or install a separate ceiling hook. Each option provides secure support.

Include Safety Features

For extra security, use carabiners to connect the chair to chains and a secondary support chain as a backup. Check hardware regularly for wear.

Follow All Instructions

Carefully read and follow the installation directions included with your chair. Take precautions on ladder safety and enlist help if needed.

Get Cozy in Your New Hanging Oasis

Once you’ve picked the perfect chair for your space and installed it properly, it’s time to start enjoying your new living room focal point! Here are some ways to get the most out of your hanging chair:


Curl up with a blanket and get lost in a good book, soak up some sun rays, or just gently sway while listening to ambient music. The possibilities for lounging are endless!

Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading corner by placing a floor lamp or sconce nearby for lighting. Add a side table for tea, books, or other lounging accessories.

Soothing Babies

Gently rock a fussy baby in the cradled enclosure of a hanging chair. The motion is perfect for promoting sleep.

Displaying Accent Decor

Adorn your chair with plush throw pillows, blankets, or a floor pouf to complement the bohemian vibe. Drape string lights along the ceiling for added ambiance.

Power Napping

The cocoon-like shape makes a hanging chair the perfect spot to catch some z’s. Set a sleep timer on music to enhance relaxation.

Caring for Your Hanging Chair

Follow these tips to keep your chair looking great and functioning safely for years of use:

Protect from Elements

If you have an outdoor hanging chair, bring it inside or use a cover when not in use to prevent weather damage.

Clean Regularly

Dust and spot clean your chair often to prevent dirt buildup. Vacuum or brush the crevices. Check the care instructions for your specific materials.

Inspect Frequently

Examine the chair frame, hanging hardware, and seat for signs of stretching, cracking, or wearing. Replace parts immediately when needed.

Maintain the Cushion

If your chair has a removable cushion, regularly fluff and rotate it to maintain even wear and shape retention.

Tighten Hardware

Periodically check and tighten bolts, carabiners, and other connectors to confirm everything remains secure.

Why settle for an ordinary seat when you could relax in a stylish, soothing hanging chair instead? Suspended from your living room ceiling, these innovative chairs will transform any empty corner into a peaceful oasis you’ll want to spend hours enjoying.

With options available in all different materials, styles, sizes, and colors, you’re sure to find the perfect model to complement your decor. Installation is straightforward, but always take care to adhere to weight limits and safety precautions.

Once up, make the most of your new chair by lounging with a good book, cuddling up for a nap, gently rocking a fussy baby, or just swaying in the breeze with your favorite music playing. However you choose to use it, a living room hanging chair is sure to become your new favorite place to relax and recharge!

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