Bring Natural Warmth into Your Home with Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak

The wide oak plank and lightly distressed finish of the flooring bring the beauty and longevity of natural wood into any home. If you’re looking to add rustic warmth and texture to your rooms, this elegant oak flooring deserves a close look.

Read on to learn why this flooring is an ideal choice for transforming the ambiance of your living spaces with its chic, subtle style.

An Overview of Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak Flooring

Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak is part of Bellawood’s line of prefinished engineered hardwood floors. It features a top layer of 100% genuine oak wood in wide 5-inch planks. The planks have a lightly distressed finish that adds an appealing texture and helps hide minor scuffs over time.

This flooring is coated with an aluminum oxide-infused urethane finish to protect the wood while retaining its natural look. The matte sheen has an understated elegance. Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak comes in a range of on-trend neutral and gray-toned colors to suit various design aesthetics.

bellawood claire gardens oak

The Benefits of Choosing Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak

Here are some of the key advantages that make Claire Gardens Oak a fantastic choice for your home:

  • Gorgeous, natural oak wood construction
  • Light distressing creates texture and character
  • Durable aluminum oxide finish resists scratches
  • Matte sheen has subtle, sophisticated style
  • Wide 5″ planks make a bold statement
  • On-trend, versatile color options
  • Stability and ease of installation of engineered hardwood
  • Prefinished boards ready to install out of the box

With its textured planks and soft matte finish, Claire Gardens Oak flooring brings warmth and rustic flair to any room. The distressed oak boards have an organic, timeworn look that feels cozy and inviting underfoot. The neutral tones ensure these floors complement your existing decor beautifully.

Engineered Hardwood Construction

Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak utilizes high-quality engineered hardwood construction. Engineered hardwood flooring consists of boards made up of multiple layers:

  • Top: Genuine oak hardwood layer for visible wear layer
  • Middle: Plywood core for stability
  • Bottom: Backing layer for balance

The cross-plywood core makes engineered hardwood floors highly resistant to expansion and contraction from moisture changes. This superior dimensional stability allows engineered wood to be installed in environments not suitable for solid hardwood, like basements.

Engineered hardwood is also a more sustainable choice, since it utilizes fewer raw hardwood resources thanks to its plywood core. However, you still get the beauty and warmth of real oak wood on the surface. Engineered construction combines the best of both worlds!

Bellawood’s Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

Bellawood aims to produce beautiful, eco-friendly floors you can feel good about. They use manufacturing processes focused on reducing waste and employ recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible. Bellawood is also an active member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The FSC promotes responsible forestry practices that meet strict standards related to conservation, biodiversity, and fair labor conditions. By supporting sustainable harvesting, Bellawood helps protect the future of our forests.

Caring for Your New Bellawood Floors

With the right care, your Claire Gardens Oak floors will stay beautiful for years. Here are our top tips for keeping them looking their best:

  • Vacuum or sweep regularly to prevent dirt buildup
  • Clean occasionally with Bellawood Floor Cleaner
  • Use area rugs in high-traffic zones
  • Wipe spills quickly to avoid stains
  • Avoid steam mops or abrasive cleaners
  • Have floors professionally refinished as needed

Protect your investment by keeping your Bellawood floors well-maintained. With their durable construction and protective finish, these floors are built to provide lasting warmth and refinement.

With its genuine oak planks, textural distressing, and understated matte finish, Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak flooring infuses spaces with beauty and nature. The engineered hardwood design ensures enduring stability and easier installation while retaining the richness of solid oak. For a sustainable and stylish touch of rustic elegance, make Claire Gardens Oak a part of your home.

Talk to the flooring specialists at your local Lumber Liquidators store to learn more and order samples. Once installed, we’re sure you’ll love walking barefoot on the natural splendor of Bellawood Claire Gardens Oak flooring.

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