Brighten Up Your Tan House with Colorful Blue Shutters

Tan houses are popular for their versatility and ability to blend into various architectural styles. However, some tan houses can end up looking a bit dull from the curbside. The good news is a fresh coat of colorful blue shutters can instantly wake up the exterior of any tan home.

Vibrant blue shutters pop against tan houses, adding eye-catching contrast and personality. The right blue tone coordinates beautifully with the tan backdrop. Whether you want to amplify the elegance, warmth or charm of your home’s facade, blue is a hue with unlimited possibility.

Complimentary Blue Shutter Shade Options

Soothing Pastel Blue Shades

If you want a subtle enhancement for a light tan house, pastel blue shutters are a foolproof choice. Soft, peaceful shades like baby blue, sky blue and powder blue blend effortlessly with pale tan walls. These hues add just enough color to give your home an updated, yet comforting look and feel.

Pastel Blue ShadeBenefits
Baby BlueSweet, playful effect
Sky BlueAiriness and light
Powder BlueSoothing, calm vibe

Pastel blue shutters pair beautifully with cream or beige-toned tan houses, especially those with white trim details. The muted blue enrichs the tan facade with a whisper of color – enough to refresh the look without overpowering it.

Vibrant Bright Blue Shades

Prefer bolder curb appeal? Opt for more saturated bright blues like turquoise, azure or aqua to dramatically update your tan exterior. These lively shades look stunning on warm medium to dark tan homes.

Bright Blue Shutter ColorImpact
Turquoise BlueTropical personality
Azure BlueVibrant and deep
Aqua BlueMiami resort style

Vivid bright blue shutters infuse tan houses with fun, coastal energy. The contrast immediately catches the eye and upgrades your home’s street view allure.

Contrasting Blue Shutter Colors

Sophisticated Dark Blue Tones

Looking to add refinement to your tan house exterior? Sophisticated navy, royal or midnight blue shutters lend an elegant, polished effect against tan siding or brickwork. The dynamic color pairing has an upscale, nautical vibe perfect for coastal locales.

tan house blue shutters

Dark blue shutters beautifully accent light to medium tan houses with white or neutral trim. Thisfoolproof color scheme works across various architectural styles from Traditional to Mediterranean. Navy blue shutters also give Craftsman bungalows and beach cottages a signature look.

Vibrant Medium Blue Hues

Alternatively, vivid medium blues like cobalt, sapphire and rich blue shutters make a lively statement against tan homes. These dramatic jewel tones provide incredible pop on pale to dark tan backdrops.

Go bold with glossy finish cobalt blue shutters combined with a cobalt front door for unforgettable curb appeal. Or try deep sapphire blue shutters and trim to accent warm tan brick facades. Sophisticated color-blocking designs will have neighborhood onlookers doing double-takes as they pass your home.

Key Considerations for Choosing Blue Shutter Color

Climate and Exposure

The way your home exterior walls are positioned in relation to sunlight exposure will impact how blue shutter colors are perceived. South-facing walls receive the most direct sun which intensifies deep, saturated hues. Meanwhile, north-facing walls in shadier zones will reflect truer color tones.

You’ll also want to factor in your area’s regional climate. In four season regions, darker blue shutters absorb heat from sunlight which can expand and contract the vinyl material. This means extra maintenance to ensure shutters keep looking pristine over time.

Existing Exterior Elements

Before painting or installing new blue shutters, assess what other materials and colors are featured on your tan house exterior. For harmonious curb appeal, select a blue shutter shade that coordinates well with existing elements.

Some examples of exterior features to color match with potential blue shutter shades:

  • Front door paint color
  • Outdoor furniture cushions or pillows
  • House trim or accent siding colors
  • Mailboxes
  • Landscaping flowers and pots

Tie your whole exterior together by echoing the blue shutter tones throughout other external decor details. This creates a cohesive, welcoming look guests will adore.

Personal Style and Design Vision

Home aesthetics are highly personal. So before picking any trendy blue shutter colors, decide what architectural style and general mood you want your updated facade to have. If you gravitate toward Traditional coastal themes, lighter blue notes like sky blue will likely complement that vision best.

On the flip side, if you favor clean-lined, sophisticated styles, bold navy or cobalt blue shutters will beautifully elevate your tan house in line with those taste preferences.

Blue Shutter Installation and Maintenance

Ready to move forward with your new blue shutters? First, assess if you’ll need full custom installation or if existing shutters can simply be painted over. Vinyl and composite materials offer durability and fade-resistance while real cedar or pine wood shutters provide rustic architectural interest.

Most homeowners budget professional installation which includes exact shutter sizing, operational functionality tests and guaranteed follow-up. But if you’re dead set on DIY-ing, consult online guides for measurements and safety tips before hanging any heavy decorative pieces.

Post-installation, routinely clear dirt and debris buildup. Use mild cleanser and soft brushes when washing to prevent scratching delicate surfaces. Re-apply protective finish once a year to maintain that crisp, vibrant blue color that initially captured your heart!

Ready to realize the dramatic difference blue shutters make for tan house exteriors? This versatile, lively color breathes new life into blah beige walls, injecting personality to match families’ unique tastes.

Before taking the blue shutter plunge, grab some paint swatches and view color pairings on your home’s exterior under different lighting conditions. And don’t forget the after photos when those perfect sapphire blue shutters get mounted! We guarantee reactions from neighbors will be 100% envious that they didn’t think of the colorful upgrade first.

Beyond aesthetics, blue shutters also boost resale value if you ever plan to list your tan house later down the road. So take your drab curb appeal up a notch with help from vibrant blues – both your home’s facade and future home value will thank you!

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