Breathtaking Style Through Pool Renovations by Classic Pool Tile and Stone

Is your backyard pool area looking tired and lackluster? Are you seeking to transform your poolscape into a stunning oasis that wows your guests? With the right combination of eye-catching tiles, coping, and decking, you can revitalize your pool and achieve the backyard of your dreams.

Classic Pool Tile and Stone offers all the high-end materials you need to renovate your pool in breathtaking style. From glimmering glass tiles to natural slate coping, they supply an unparalleled selection of quality products with prompt delivery and excellent service. Paired with their design guidance, you’re sure to create a resort-worthy backyard that becomes the ultimate place to relax, entertain, and make lasting memories. Discover how Classic Pool Tile and Stone can elevate your pool from basic to beautiful.

classic pool tile and stone

Overview of Classic Pool Tile and Stone

Before diving into the specifics of planning your dream pool renovation, let’s first look at what makes Classic Pool Tile and Stone such a trusted and recommended supplier.

They provide a vast array of pool tiles, coping, pavers, and related installation products. Their tile options range from elegant marble and iridescent glass to imaginative mosaics. Natural stone coping made of granite, travertine and slate adds crisp, sophisticated lines around the pool edge.

To complete the look, they offer a diverse selection of pavers for crafting a stylish and functional pool deck. Their top brands and latest styles enable you to achieve any aesthetic, from breezy and coastal to sleekly modern. What’s more, you’ll find all the specialty products needed like grouts, mortar and sealers.

Beyond their unparalleled product selection, Classic Pool Tile and Stone also impresses with their stock availability and ordering process. Many items are in stock ready for immediate purchase and quick delivery. For special order products, their team provides guidance to ensure accurate measurements and seamless fulfillment.

Their excellent customer service and prompt order shipment explain why leading pool builders repeatedly rely on them. You can feel confident entrusting your high-end pool renovation to Classic Pool Tile and Stone.

Planning Your Pool Renovation

The fun part of any pool remodel is choosing the finishes that reflect your personal style. But before selecting materials, it helps to consider the overall vision and scope of the project.

Start by assessing your current pool. Make note of any areas, like tile or coping, that are cracked, damaged or faded. Identify what you’d like to change to get an updated, refreshed look and feel. Common renovation options include:

  • New tile installation
  • Coping replacement
  • Resurfacing the pool finish
  • Decking material update

Then think about the design aesthetic you’d like to create. For example, an intricate mosaic tile layout makes a vibrant, lively statement. Travertine coping provides a classic, elegant look. Determine the overall mood and style you want to convey.

When planning required quantities, carefully measure the surface areas of your pool and decking. This will determine how much tile, coping, and pavers you need. Be sure to account for 10-15% extra to allow for potential cuts, patterns, and waste.

With a sense of the design concept, scope, and necessary quantities, you’re ready to explore the many gorgeous options from Classic Pool Tile and Stone. Their variety ensures you can select materials to suit your personal taste.

Choosing the Right Tile

Without a doubt, your tile choice makes the biggest impact on the overall aesthetic. The colors, textures, and layout possibilities are endless. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect pool tile:

Consider the Tile Material

Classic Pool Tile and Stone carries a spectrum of eye-catching tile materials:

  • Glass: Shimmering glass tiles lend a glamorous vibe with iridescent, opalescent or metallic finishes. Available in vivid colors and shapes.
  • Marble: Elegant marble tiles like Carrara or Calacatta exude luxury. The veining patterns add organic texture.
  • Slate: Rich neutrals and earthy hues give slate tiles a sophisticated, natural look.
  • Mosaic: Intricate mosaics create visual interest with their geometric designs. Great for decorative accents.

Consider your overall vision. For a breezy, coastal motif, blue glass tiles pop against neutral travertine coping. Marble mosaics or slate evoke a more formal aesthetic for upscale backyard spaces.

Choose Complementary Colors

Use colors strategically to make certain features stand out. Vibrant green glass tiles along the waterline and steps contrast nicely against classic white marble. Just be sure colors complement each other and the overall landscape.

Repetition creates harmony. Introducing two or three key colors throughout the pool area ties everything together. For example, bring the pale green from glass waterline tiles into patterned green deck pavers.

Combine Tile Sizes

Installing a combination of different tile sizes adds visual interest to flat pool surfaces. Use larger tiles across expansive areas to maintain balance. Integrate rectangular standard sizes with coordinating mosaics or smaller tiles.

Strategically placing opus and mosaic tiles in select locations like steps, corners or the waterline prevents these special accents from becoming too busy.

Consider Practical Factors

Beyond aesthetics, ensure your tile selection is practical:

  • Slip resistance: Some tiles have greater traction than others once wet. This is especially important on steps.
  • Durability: Opt for hard-wearing tiles like porcelain or natural stone.
  • Ease of cleaning: Smooth glass tiles stay cleaner than textured options.

Discuss useful product characteristics like these with Classic Pool Tile and Stone’s team. They can guide you to the best choices for your pool.

Choosing Coping to Complement

Coping serves as the finishing edge surrounding the entire pool perimeter. This narrow band deserves thoughtful consideration, as it frames and anchors the overall design.

Classic Pool Tile and Stone offers coping crafted from beautiful natural materials like travertine, granite, slate and brick. Each material evokes a distinct style:

  • Travertine: Sophisticated neutrals with natural striations
  • Granite: Speckled patterns and resilient durability
  • Slate: Multicolored stone for organic, earthy character
  • Brick: Clean, classic lines and traditional charm

Aim for coping that complements but doesn’t compete with your tile selections. Contrast adds punch; for example, intense blue glass tiles stand out against neutral travertine coping. But opting for slate coping introduces busyness when paired with intricate mosaic tiles.

To determine how much coping you need, simply measure the linear footage around your pool’s perimeter. Be sure to indicate corner miters and any special coping cuts on your drawing or order form.

Pool Deck Pavers Tie It All Together

The materials used on the pool deck should coordinate with the overall landscape for a cohesive look. Pavers offer texture underfoot and provide design versatility beyond basic concrete.

From Classic Pool Tile and Stone, you can select artisan pavers in colors that complement your pool tiles. Consider materials like sandstone for an organic vibe or porcelain for clean-lined elegance. Paver shape also impacts the look–squares offer a classic grid layout while irregular stones create free-form patterns.

Remember to carry elements across spaces. Echo coping or tile colors in the deck pavers. Bluestone coping, for example, inspires the use of matching blue hues in slate decking tiles.

Pavers must also meet safety and performance requirements in wet pool settings. Opt for slip-resistant options rated for pool surround use. Proper installation is key–the pavers must be sealed and have an adequate base beneath.

Ordering Tips

To ensure your pool renovation goes smoothly, follow these tips when ordering from Classic Pool Tile and Stone:

  • Provide accurate measurements for specialty tiles and coping. Every inch must be accounted for.
  • Mention any mitered edges, bullnose details, or special tile cuts.
  • For unique designs, request tile samples to view colors and patterns.
  • Discuss your design vision and material questions with their team.
  • Order all related products like grout, mortar and sealant.
  • Allow plenty of lead time, especially for special orders.

Your Classic Pool Tile and Stone sales representative can walk through product specifications, measurements, lead times and quoting. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Tips for Installing Your New Pool Materials

Once your shipment of stunning tiles, pavers and coping arrives, the fun part begins! Here are some tips to ensure successful installation:

  • Refer back to your tile layout design so tiles are placed properly.
  • Use leveling systems and spacers between tiles for even spacing.
  • Cut tiles and pavers carefully using specialized tools.
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions for mortar and grout.
  • Allow adequate drying time before sealing and refilling pool.
  • Take care when cleaning new surfaces to avoid damaging grout.

Consider hiring a trusted professional installer for best results. The Classic Pool Tile and Stone team may be able to recommend reputable crews in your area.

Proper sealer application protects surfaces from stains, damage and weathering over time. Routine pool maintenance keeps water chemistry balanced so tiles stay pristine.

With gorgeous new tiles, coping and decking from Classic Pool Tile and Stone, you can completely transform the look, feel and functionality of your pool area.

Picture an oasis-like backdrop for evenings spent gathered around the pool. Stunningturquoise glass tiles reflect shimmering water during the day. Neutral travertine coping adds elegant definition. Pavers designed in organic patterns complement the home’s architectural style.

Your pool renovation may feel like a substantial investment at first. But years of enjoyment will make the lasting update worthwhile. New high-end finishes from Classic Pool Tile and Stone re-establish your pool as the dazzling centerpiece of your outdoor living space.

Don’t settle for lackluster when you can achieve breathtaking. Bring your design vision to life and upgrade your poolscape in sensational style with Classic Pool Tile and Stone!

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