Boost Any Cafe’s Style with Shutters and Curtains

Cafe style decor aims to recreate the charming and cozy atmosphere of a little neighborhood cafe. This look features lots of natural materials, soft lighting, and an effortlessly stylish aesthetic. While cafe curtains are a classic component of cafe decor, cafe shutters put a fresh spin on this iconic style. Combining shutters and curtains creates layered texture and dimension for an elevated cafe aesthetic in any space.

Benefits of Cafe Shutters

Cafe shutters are a creative reboot of the traditional cafe curtain. Just like cafe curtains, shutters only cover the bottom portion of a window. However, shutters add a touch of modern, crisp style not found in fabric curtains.

Shutters allow generous natural light to filter in through the uncovered top portion of the window. And when closed, the louvered design still enables air circulation. These dual benefits make cafe shutters perfect for kitchens, keeping the space bright and breezy.

– Only cover bottom half of window– Crisp, clean aesthetic unlike curtains
– Allow light in through open top– Keep airflow moving through room

Since there are no dangling pull cords, shutters are also an ideal window covering for homes with curious kids and pets. The reinforced panels stand up well to wear and tear. Cafe shutters work great in high humidity rooms like bathrooms too thanks to their moisture-resistant materials.

Child and Pet Safety

Cafe shutters offer safer functionality for children and pets than traditional blinds or curtains. With no dangling cords for curious hands or paws to get tangled in, shutters reduce household hazards.

cafe shutters with curtains

High Humidity Suitability

The durable, moisture-resistant materials cafe shutters are constructed from makes them ideal for high humidity environments like kitchens and bathrooms.

Enhancing Shutters with Curtains

While cafe shutters offer clean lines and breezy style, sometimes more privacy, light filtering, or sound buffering is needed. This is where layering curtains over shutters comes in handy.

Curtains in assorted textures infuse an extra dose of softness over the sleek panes of glass and louvered wood. The flexibility of opening and closing curtain panels provides customizable light control. When sunlight filtering is desired, opt for sheer organzas or voiles in pale hues. If darkness suits your needs, choose thick opaque fabrics like velvet or brocade to block outside light.

Curtain Styles for Cafe Shutters

From breezy sheers to cozy blackouts, there are cafe curtains to meet every style and practical need when paired with chic plantation shutters:

  • Sheer organza or voile: Filter bright daylight
  • Linen or cotton: Soften wood shutters
  • Velvet or brocade: Offer blackout darkness
  • Thermal: Provide insulation

Curtain panels also absorb sound reverberations. The thick fabrics literally muffle outside noise like traffic, noisy neighbors, or a nearby playground. This helps create serene quiet even in noisy environments.

Child Safety Enhancement

If young kids are in your home, hang curtains to cover the bottom portion of windows where tiny fingers could get pinched. The curtain barrier prevents accidents and give parents peace of mind.

Cafe Shutter + Curtain Ideas

When pairing curtains with cafe shutters, opt for styles that enhance the dimensional quality:

  • Tiered curtains: Stack tiered curtain rods to build layers of cascading ruffles for maximum charm.
  • Swag valances: Formal swag valances that puddle at cute cafe window perfectly.
  • Roman shades: For a sophisticated look, install flat Roman shade panels overshutters.

You can never go wrong embracing delicate sheers either. Airy sheers maintain visibility while screened shutters ensure privacy as needed. For small spaces like breakfast nooks, a simple rod pocket panel trimmed with sweet ball fringe conveys casual style.

Cafe Spaces Perfect for Shutters + Curtains

Cafe style hits the sweet spot blending cozy and casual vibes. Lean into that aesthetic with shutters and curtains ideal for:

  • Kitchens: Maintain breezy airflow while filtering harsh midday light.
  • Breakfast nooks: Create a tucked away reading spot wrapped in charming style.
  • Craft corners: Cafe shutters allow ample light for hobbies without glare.
  • Bathrooms: Humidity-resistant shutters gain extra coverage from curtains.

Additional Energy Efficiency

Plantation shutters already provide excellent insulation against heat and cold. But the addition of thick curtains boosts energy efficiency even further. Blackout curtains lined with thermal or insulating materials act as an extra barrier. This keeps heated and cooled indoor air in your home, lowering energy expenditure.

Working together as a dynamic duo, cafe shutters and layered curtains create optimal lighting scenarios. Open the shutters to welcome natural light during the day, then drawn opaque curtains to contain heat in colder months. Your custom combo dictates the right amount of sunlight and darkness for seasonal comfort and efficiency.

When it comes to customization capability, curtains far outweigh the options of shutters. The extensive varieties of available curtain fabrics, patterns, textures, and colors enable limitless personalized options.

Express individual style by selecting cafe curtains featuring unique prints and color palettes. Incorporate on-trend PLISSE curtain panels to create shadowy optical illusions. Or keep it straightforward with basic linen or cotton panels trimmed with bouncy ball fringe.

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