Blush and Navy Pillows – The Key to a Polished Look

Blush pink and navy blue have become one of the most popular color combinations in home decor. The soft femininity of blush paired with the bold sophistication of navy creates a look that is both elegant and eye-catching. This versatile palette allows for easy mixing and matching with a variety of decor styles. Blush and navy pillows in particular are having a major moment, adding decorative flair as well as visual interest to living rooms, bedrooms and beyond. Read on to discover why this pillow trend should be on your radar along with tips to help you effortlessly incorporate blush and navy pillows into your own space.

Blush and Navy Pillows – A Stylish Combination

Blush Pink’s Soft, Feminine Appeal

Blush pink has become widely beloved in home decor for its soft, romantic qualities. As a pale peachy pink, it evokes femininity and delicateness. Blush pillows can lend a soothing, peaceful ambiance to a space. Unlike bolder pinks, blush has a more subtle look that works well with both traditional and modern decor styles. From boho chic to Scandinavian minimalism, blush pink serves as a versatile neutral that provides just the right amount of warmth.

Navy Blue’s Sophisticated Boldness

While blush pink is delicate, navy blue makes a dramatic statement. The rich darkness of navy commands attention. It has an inherent boldness that grabs the eye. However, as a classic neutral color, navy also has a sophisticated versatility. It can act as a foundational backdrop that allows other colors to pop. Navy blue works particularly well for creating sharp, tailored spaces with a polished feel.

Beauty of Pairing Blush and Navy

When combined in home decor, blush pink and navy blue create a compelling look. The colors contrast beautifully, with navy enhancing the soft femininity of blush. Blush simultaneously softens navy’s bold edge. The result is enhanced visual interest and depth within a space. Blush and navy strike an ideal balance between gentle and striking. This ability to blend softness and boldness with ease makes blush and navy a fashionable, crowd-pleasing color scheme. It comes as no surprise that blush and navy have emerged as a leading pillow trend.

blush and navy pillows

Tips for Styling with Blush and Navy Pillows

Living Room Decor

The living room is a perfect place to experiment with blush and navy pillows. For sofas and chairs, mix and match pillows in different sizes and textures. Try pairing a fluffy 18-inch navy velvet pillow with a smaller geometric embroidered blush pillow. The contrast will be eye catching. If your furniture is a neutral color, add in one or two printed blush and navy pillows to create a colorful focal point. For sofas with sharp lines or sleek profiles, pile on the pillows for a lived-in layered look. Don’t be afraid to incorporate other patterns and colors beyond blush and navy. geometric

Bedroom Decor

Blush and navy pillows also make a gorgeous addition to bedroom decor. Arrange decorative pillows at the head of the bed to serve as an elegant backdrop. Complement them with solid or subtly patterned shams in one or both colors. For a more dramatic look, pile on matching and mixed pillow sizes against a neutral headboard. You can also pull the color scheme throughout the rest of the bedding. Adding some navy and blush accents on sheets, duvet covers or blankets will pull the whole look together. Use pillows to complement, not compete with, existing patterns.

Entryway and Foyer

The entryway presents another opportunity to dress up blush and navy pillows. For bench seating, matching pillows can soften an angular tufted bench. Or make a statement by contrasting elaborate patterned pillows against a plain cushioned seat. In a cozy nook, lean pillows against the wall for a casually chic vignette. Place a couple of floor pillows by a console or side table to create an area for slipping shoes on. The goal for entryway and foyer styling is to make your space feel welcoming. Blush and navy pillows lend aesthetic appeal while creating a cozy first impression.

Finishing Touches Throughout the Home

Don’t limit blush and navy pillows to the main living spaces. Add these color-popping pillows anywhere extra visual intrigue could be useful. Place a pair on otherwise empty chairs in a kitchen eating nook or home office. Stack them on a patio furniture bench to bring some color outside. Set them on the floor in an unused corner to designate a cute kids’ reading nook. Repurpose pillows from other rooms to make seldom-used spaces feel more inviting. The occasional blush or navy pillow can complement your overall color scheme in small yet impactful ways.

Shop the Trend – Where to Buy Blush and Navy Pillows

Fortunately, it’s easy to shop this popular pillow trend. Blush and navy pillow options abound at all different price points.

At the high end, look to home furnishing retailers like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. Here you will find a range of solids, prints and textured blush and navy pillows that make a sophisticated statement. Expect to pay $30-$60 per pillow. Anthropologie and West Elm also carry unique blush and navy pillows and prints reflective of their bohemian and mid-century modern aesthetics, respectively.

For more budget-friendly options, check out Target and Walmart. Their home brands like Opalhouse and Project 62 offer a variety of stylish blush and navy pillows for under $25. Amazon also has a wide selection of solid and patterned pillows available at low price points, thanks to their independent sellers. Discount home stores like At Home, TJMaxx and HomeGoods frequently carry blush and navy pillows and are worth checking for on-trend steals.

The availability spans online stores, national chains and local boutiques. Specialty linen shops as well as Etsy artisans can also be sources to discover unique handmade pillows. With some shopping savvy, you can easily find blush and navy pillows to fit both your style and budget. Be sure to keep an eye out for sales, coupons and deals around major holidays when pillows tend to go on promotion.

Blush and navy pillows undeniably make a statement. They can instantly amplify the style of any space with their on-trend color combination. Blush brings a delicate touch of romance while navy adds bold sophistication. The mix feels elevated yet still relaxed enough for everyday living. With the right styling, a few blush and navy accents can take your decor from bland to beautiful. The trendiness means endless inspiration for arrangements and pairings. So embrace this versatile palette and experiment with adding these must-have pillows to your home. Incorporate blush and navy pieces as accents to refresh tired decor or as foundations to build a whole new color scheme. However you use them, blush and navy pillows are decorator items that deliver stylish results.

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