Best Noise Blocking Curtains – Our Top Recommendations For Soundproofing Your Space

If you’re struggling with disruptive noise in your home or studio, noise blocking curtains can make a real difference. We’ll cover the key features to look for, provide specific product recommendations, and share tips on proper installation and use.

With the right noise blocking curtains, you can gain some peace and quiet without expensive construction work. Let’s explore your options!

Types of Noises Noise Blocking Curtains Can Reduce

Here are the main types of noises that noise blocking curtains are effective at muffling:

best noise blocking curtains
  • Traffic from nearby roads, highways, and busy streets. The sounds of engines and tires on pavement can be a nuisance.
  • Construction sounds from nearby building sites, including machinery, power tools, etc. Very disruptive to quiet.
  • Noisy neighbors in nearby apartments or houses, whether it’s loud music, parties, or barking dogs.
  • Sound reverberation and echo inside your own home, caused by bare walls and hard surfaces. Curtains can dampen these effects.

Noise blocking curtains create a buffer that muffles these external noises and internal echoes. The thickness, density, and material of the curtains determine how much of a difference they make. But in general, a good set of noise blocking curtains can reduce decibel levels by 20dB or more.

Key Features to Look For

Here are the most important features to evaluate when shopping for the best noise blocking curtains:


In general, the thicker the curtains, the better the soundproofing. Multi-layered curtains with a thick pile and quilted or padded fabric will outperform single panels.

Density of Fabric

You want a tightly-woven, heavier weight fabric. Light, gauzy curtains won’t block much noise. Look for dense materials like velvet, suede, wool, and thick polyester blends.

Full Coverage from Top to Bottom

Your curtains should cover the entire window area, overlapping with the wall and extending from ceiling to floor. Any gaps will compromise noise reduction.

Sound Insulating Materials

Specialized sound insulating materials like mass loaded vinyl, acoustical felts, and noise damping compounds will boost noise blocking capabilities.

Blackout Function

Blackout curtains that fully block out light tend to also be effective noise blockers. The dense fabric prevents both light and sound from passing through.

Our Top Product Recommendations

Based on our extensive research, here are the noise blocking curtains that consistently rise above the competition:

Best Overall: Nicetown Soundproof Curtains

With a 4-layer construction and innovative noise-dampening design, Nicetown’s soundproof curtains reduce noise by up to 25 decibels. The heavyweight material provides excellent noise absorption.

Best Blackout: Niche Honeycomb Thermal Curtains

Featuring a patented honeycomb weave, these blackout curtains completely block out light and significantly decrease noise. The triple-weave fabric and dense insulation absorb sound waves.

Best Budget: H.Versailtex Noise Reducing Curtains

Starting under $25 per panel, these affordable noise reducing curtains still provide meaningful noise reduction thanks to the layered fabric and weighted bottom. Great value pick.

Best High-End: Audimute Acoustic Curtains

Specifically engineered for optimal sound absorption, Audimute’s premium curtains can reduce noise by up to 40 decibels. The mass-loaded vinyl barrier blocks even very loud noises.

Best for Music: Mybecca Soundproof Studio Curtains

Tailor-made for musicians and studios, Mybecca’s soundproof curtains feature noise-dampening cotton on the outside and sound-absorbent polyester inside. Reviewers praise their ability to tame echo and reverberation.

Tips for Installation and Use

Follow these tips to ensure your noise blocking curtains perform at their maximum potential:

  • Install ceiling to floor, with at least a 6 inch overlap on each side of the window frame to prevent sound leakage.
  • Place curtains on windows facing noise sources like streets and shared walls/windows.
  • Layer two curtain panels on each window for enhanced noise reduction.
  • Vacuum regularly and immediately clean spills to maintain effectiveness.

Adding noise blocking curtains is an affordable and effective way to gain some peace and quiet in a noisy environment. With the right heavy, dense curtains covering your windows fully, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make. We hope our recommendations for the best noise blocking curtain options help you reduce unwanted noise and enjoy your space!

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