Best Full Size Teepee Beds – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Teepee beds have become an increasingly popular centerpiece for children’s bedrooms. Unlike smaller play tents, full size options allow older kids to fully immerse themselves in an indoor retreat made just for them. With playfulness, personalization, and most importantly – ample room to lounge, read, relax or just let imaginations wander – it’s no wonder families are drawn to this classic, rustic style.

If considering a full size teepee bed, know that not all are created equal. Assessing build quality, dimensions, safety features and customizability is key to finding one made to stand the test of both childhood wonder and everyday wear-and-tear.

What is a Full Size Teepee Bed?

A full size teepee bed has all the whimsical styling of a traditional play teepee tent, but is sized to accommodate a standard 54 x 75 inch full size mattress. This allows for both ample play space for activity-loving kids, and comfortable overnight sleep as they grow.

With around six feet of headroom clearance when using the recommended mattress height, even older children and pre-teens have plenty of space to fully stand and stretch out. Full size teepee beds build upon the concept of a standard toy tent, evolving it into a childhood haven perfect for both play and rest well into the grade school years.

Versatility for Play, Lounging and More

Beyond just sleeping, a full size teepee bed serves many purposes for the creative, busy child. Its spacious interior has room for playing with toys, building forts, reading books, arts and crafts, or just having a quiet hideaway for alone time. For children who may sometimes struggle to sleep, it can even provide a calming environment to help relax before bed.

full size teepee bed
Uses for a Full Size Teepee BedBenefits
Play area for toys, costumes, fortsEncourages creativity and imagination
Reading nook for booksCozy spot to unwind and read
Arts & crafts spaceMess containment for projects
Meditation & relaxationCalming hideaway before bed

Unlike smaller play tents meant for toddlers, a full size structure enhances versatility, enjoyment and years of usage for kids as they grow.

More Customization Options

Full size teepee beds also allow for greater customization options compared to standard toy tents. With more surface area to work with, there is ample room for choosing colorful patterns, fabrics and personal touches like monogramming with a child’s name.

Since the tent poles are sized for full scale, there is also the option to wrap fairy lights, garlands or other lighting around the structure. This both adds a whimsical accent, and provides mood lighting that sets an even cozier ambiance for play or sleep inside.

Key Buying Considerations for Full Size Teepee Beds

When evaluating the array of full size teepee beds on the market, keep these key factors in mind:

Size and Fit

Confirm that the interior dimensions can fit a standard 54 x 75 inch full size mattress. Remember to measure the child’s bedroom beforehand as well, ensuring ample floor space to accommodate the teepee bed’s footprint.

For ideal comfort, choose an option with at least six feet of interior height clearance. This allows older kids to fully sit up and move around inside. Even slightly under six feet is suitable, but optimize for maximum head room to extend years of enjoyment.

Build Quality and Durability

Selecting a teepee bed frame constructed from dense, high grade sustainable wood ensures stability and reinforcement to handle childhood play. Durable iron bamboo poles also withstand daily wear-and-tear better than plastic versions over multi-year use.

Reinforced panels, sturdy cross-beams, and securely overlapping door flaps also prevent structural fatigue over time. Prioritizing durability is key for a piece that will hopefully spark years of creativity and wonder as a child grows.


Look for rounded, sanded down corners and edges throughout the woodwork and poles. This eliminates sharp points that could scrape or poke accidentally during rambunctious play times. Cross-beams and corners reinforced with sturdy joints also minimize risk of collapse if buffeted roughly.

Overlapping door flaps allow privacy while preventing fingers from getting pinched in a fully closed position. Potential top flap windows can provide airflow when open, or be secured closed for further safety.


Customization options help parents match their child’s burgeoning personality. Whether selecting classic linens vs whimsical patterns, or adding special personal touches like monogramming with their name, full creative reign makes it their special sanctuary.

Paints used should ideally be non-toxic and eco-friendly as well to prevent indoor air quality issues if spending extended time inside. Choosing colors, patterns and textures complementary to existing room decor enhances the teepee as a stylistic focal point.

Reviews of Top Full Size Teepee Beds

After evaluating dozens of highly rated full size teepee beds for children based on buyer experiences, three options rise above the rest for their combination of quality, safety, customization potential and ease of assembly.

Little Dove Kids Full Size Teepee

The Little Dove kids model earns high marks for its responsibly sourced New Zealand pine wood construction. Rounded corner beams and supports spaced every 18 inches deliver reinforced stability.

Overlapping door flaps allow privacy and security, while potential top flap windows invite airflow when untied. Non-toxic low VOC paints color the exterior, available in array of both subdued and vivid kids’ palette shades.

Interior height clearance stretches near six feet, with the recommended supported weight capacity of 175 pounds. Assembly requires only a power drill.

Amy & Benton personalized Full Teepee with Lights

For the crafter or budding dreamer, Amy & Benton’s full bed teepee delivers with charming customizable details. Flower garlands, delicate hanging crystal accents, and warm white string lights adorn the exterior.

An exterior pocket lets kids store favorite plush toys or books within arm’s reach. Ultra soft 100% cotton canvas panels pair beautifully with four premium iron bamboo rods, promising a sturdy base able to weather years of play.

A&B also offers exterior personalization and name monogramming for added special whimsy. Over six feet of interior standing room completes the magical experience.

Happiest Teepees Full Dream Teepee Bed

The Happiest Teepees “Dream” model is sized specifically for older children, with impressive reinforced stability from X-cross pole joins. This innovative construction delivers sturdiness and weight capacity exceeding 220 pounds.

Made in the EU from high grade knot-free spruce wood, the stain and fabric exterior emits no chemical odors thanks to eco-friendly water based paints. Bonus deluxe fairy lights let kids control colorful mood lighting schemes.

Dual top windows toggle open or closed for ventilation or further privacy. Thick durable cotton canvas and a convertible peep window round out the thoughtful design.

Final Verdict

For best overall combination of stability, quality fabric, and customization possibilities, we recommend the Amy & Benton Full Personalized Kids Teepee Bed .

The premium iron bamboo rods deliver exceptional support stability as kids grow, without compromising on beautiful design accents like flower garlands and string lights. Durable 100% cotton canvas and exterior pockets store treasures within reach, while interior standing room hits over six feet.

Add in exterior personalization and monogramming options, helping creative young minds put their unique stamp on the space. Pair with cozy bedding and a plush rug, then let imaginations wander wild in their newFULL SIZE TEEPEE BEDcustom haven.

Finding a well-built full size teepee bed matching your child’s style brings a beloved playtime accessory into the pre-teen and tween years. Prioritizing durability, versatility, ample dimensions and personalization delivers a creative indoor retreat ready to spark play and recharge young minds for years to come.

The teepee beds thoughtfully nurture both mind and body by keeping air quality pure and non-toxic. Bring a little more magic and meaning into your child’s days with their new favorite special spot built just for them.

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