Bedroom Curtain Lengths for Maximizing Your Space

When designing a bedroom, every detail matters in creating a comfortable and relaxing retreat. The right window treatments can make all the difference in both aesthetics and function. Carefully selected curtain lengths allow you to control natural light, enhance privacy, and effortlessly elevate the style of any bedroom.

In this post, we’ll explore the optimal curtain lengths for master and guest bedrooms. You’ll learn professional techniques for drawing the eye upward and making rooms appear lighter and airier. We’ll also cover special considerations for small, uniquely shaped, and energy efficient spaces. Read on to discover how to maximize and transform your bedrooms with beautifully tailored curtains.

how long should bedroom curtains be

Optimal Curtain Length for Bedrooms

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend selecting full length curtains that just graze the floor for bedrooms. Hanging curtains so they lightly brush against the ground when closed creates a polished, elegant look. Floor length curtains visually anchor windows and make the ceiling appear higher. This helps rooms feel more spacious and grand.

You can adjust the exact distance from the floor based on your individual style. Floating curtains end about 1/2 inch above the floor, breaking slightly underneath, and puddled curtains extend 1-2 inches below. Puddling adds a luxurious, opulent aesthetic perfect for bedrooms. Go even longer for a soft cascading effect.

Dramatic Height with Ceiling Draws

One exceptional technique for using long curtains is opening them up to the ceiling during the day. This keeps the fabric out of the way while allowing ample sunlight in. At night, closing the floor length curtains makes rooms feel incredibly tall and elegant. The crisp folds of fabric frame windows beautifully. Experiment with different heights to find the proportions that work best for your space.

Floating Curtains1/2 inch above floor
Grazing CurtainsLightly touch floor
Breaking Curtains1 inch below floor
Puddling Curtains1-2 inches below floor

When to Select Shorter Lengths

While we generally recommend floor length, there are certain situations where shorter curtains are preferential. Smaller spaces like bathrooms often pair better with more petite window treatments. Issues with windowsills, radiators, or other furniture obstructing curtains also necessitate cropped lengths.

You can also intentionally use shorter curtains to make rooms feel wider and airier. This prevents them from dominating and can provide nice contrast with longer treatments on other windows. Especially in bedrooms with low ceilings, shorter curtains maintain an open atmosphere. They keep the space feeling fresh rather than enclosed. Combine multiple lengths for added visual interest.

Complementary Accents

Don’t forget small accent and auxiliary windows like transoms when dressing your bedrooms. Mini curtains in coordinate colors and patterns make charming complements. Mix in some short lengths among your prevailing floor length curtains for eclectic rooms with character. Contrasting textures like breezy sheers also make excellent secondary window treatments.

Measuring Curtains Correctly

To achieve the optimal floor length, accurately measuring your windows is crucial before selecting curtains. Even standard sized windows can have minor differences that impact the drape and fold of curtains. As a general rule of thumb, your curtains should be 2 to 3 times the height of the window itself. This leaves sufficient fabric to elegantly puddle.

It’s always best practice to field measure the exact window openings in your bedrooms. Account for the additional stackback length required when opening curtains so the panels don’t bunch unattractively. If your windows have deep sills or you plan to layer treatments, adjust accordingly to land at the perfect floor length. Consider working with an experienced designer or tailor to fully customize curtains to your space for the best possible fit.

Matching Room Dimensions

The proportions of your bedroom can also impact ideal curtain lengths. Particularly in rooms with very high or low ceilings, scale your treatments to balance the space visually. Extending curtains from floor to ceiling in soaring rooms with high ceilings plays up the grand dimensions beautifully. Conversely, cropped lengths keep low ceiling bedrooms feeling open rather than confining the already limited vertical space.

Cohesive Backdrops

When designing a bedroom, treat windows as a collective whole instead of individual units. Covering them all in floor length curtains, potentially with minor variations in style, creates a cohesive backdrop. The uniform lengths don’t compete for attention and seamlessly recede into the background. Allow any louder prints or patterns on the curtains themselves to shine against this neutral base.

Pairing with Specific Window Styles

Specialty window shapes and styles in bedrooms require a bit of extra consideration when outfitting with curtains. The unique silhouettes of arched and circular windows, for example, necessitate customized treatments. Make sure to select adjustable rods and curved tracks to follow the architecture. This allows you to tailor curtain lengths to fit proportionally.

For bay windows, extend the width of your curtains to cover the entire protruding area. Extra side panels in matching fabrics tie the niche together beautifully. Skylights and greenhouse style windows may pair better with alternative light filtering shades rather than curtains. Always think about both form and function when addressing uniquely shaped openings.

Layering Treatments

Don’t be afraid to get creative in layering treatments for challenging windows. For example, hang static overlapping privacy shades mounted inside the window frame itself. In front, lavish floor length curtains provide the adjustable sunlight control and decorative impact. This innovative approachoptimizes both privacy and ambiance.

Enhancing Light Control and Energy Efficiency

In addition to aesthetics, long curtains offer exceptional functional benefits for bedrooms. The extra fabric provides superior light control for sleeping spaces. Eliminate early morning brightness by drawing full length curtains completely closed. Darkening ability is especially useful for shift workers or night owls needing to rest during daylight hours.

Greater length also equals more insulation against temperature changes. This enhances the energy efficiency of any bedroom, keeping spaces warmer in winter and cooler during summer heat waves. By helping regulate ambient conditions, you’ll stay comfortable and potentially trim heating and cooling expenses.

Blackout Options

Selecting blackout curtain fabrics allows you to completely block external light for undisturbed sleep and maximum privacy. Pair with side channels, overlays, or carefully mounted tracking to prevent any gaps along edges. Upgrade windows with blackout shades underneath for impenetrable darkness day or night in the bedrooms.

Tying Into Overall Decor

When designing your perfect floor length bedroom curtains, don’t forget to integrate them into your overarching interior decor scheme. Play with lively patterns and vibrant hues for an eclectic, bohemian aesthetic. Choose muted neutrals and natural textures for a peaceful, welcoming sanctuary. Or make a bold statement with voluminous curtains in an attention-grabbing print.

Layering Textures

Experiment with mixing luxurious fabrics like velvets, silks, or brocades for plush depth and interest. Sheer overlays create airy contrast and filter light beautifully. For easy glamour, consider elegant embellishments like trim, tassels, and tiebacks. The options are endless for personalizing curtains to suit your existing decor or transforming the entire space.

Strategically selected bedroom curtain lengths make all the difference in both appearance and functionality. Measure correctly for floor length styles that draw the eye upward and cast rooms in the best possible light. Consider your objectives, dimensions, window types, and decor style when choosing optimal curtain lengths. With the right floor-skimming treatments, your bedrooms will feel like utterly inviting and luxurious sanctuaries for rest and relaxation.

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