Become an Owl Admirer – Decorating with Inspired Owl Art

Owls have become a hugely popular theme for home decor. With their large, staring eyes, muted colors, and association with wisdom, these mysterious nocturnal birds impart a distinct character to living spaces. If you want to embrace the owl decor trend, there are countless ways to incorporate inspired owl art, figurines, and accents throughout your home.

You’ll discover the best materials for owl decorations, preferred styles that range from realistic to whimsical, and techniques for showcasing your owl accents in any room.

Materials for Crafting Captivating Owl Decor

Owl decor is available in a diverse array of materials, each lending unique textures and qualities to these woodland accents.

Ceramic owl figurines have an earthy, rustic feel. You can find adorable owl mugs, platters, and figurines in ceramic glazed with rich hues. Glass and crystal owl accents add elegant shine and glitter. The light refracting through them creates a magical aura. Resin allows for lightweight yet detailed handcrafted owls with almost any custom paint or finish. Wood owl decor celebrates the warmth and beauty of natural grain. Carved and painted wooden owls have an artisanal vibe.

For bolder owl art, metal is a wonderful option. Sculptural owls cast in iron or other metals make striking accents and bring an industrial edge. Copper, brass, or silver finishes let these metal owls shine.

owl decorations for the home

Realistic to Whimsical – Owl Art Styles for Every Taste

When selecting owl decor, you’ll find styles ranging from realistic portrayals to whimsical interpretations of these winged creatures.

Realistic owl art depicts every detail – the heart-shaped faces, intricately patterned feathers, alert yellow eyes. These wise birds are captured in linocut prints, oil paintings, bronze statues, and more. On the other end of the spectrum is bright, cheery folk art renditions of owls. These cute caricatures appear in vibrant colors with simplified geometric shapes.

For a nature-inspired owl style, choose tribal-patterned tapestries, throws, and paintings. Moroccan-influenced motifs work well. Vintage-look owls have an aged, weathered appearance with imperfections that give them nostalgic charm. Display one on a repurposed farmhouse shelf.

Showcase Your Owl Obsession in Every Room

Now that you’ve selected the perfect owl accents, it’s time to figure out optimal placement in your home. Here are some recommended spots to showcase these wise birds.

In the living room, group ceramic figurines on a mantel or shelf to create your own owl family. Hang macrame or tapestry owl art above the sofa for a focal point. For the bedroom, set a resin owl lamp on a nightstand to keep watch as you sleep. In a home office, place jade owl bookends on shelves and set a metal owl sculpture on your desk for inspiration as you work.

Tips and Tricks for Displaying Owl Decor

To showcase owl accents to full effect, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start by choosing a statement piece – this will be your focal owl decoration. A large hand-carved wooden sculpture or wrought iron wall hanging work nicely.
  • Complement the statement owl with smaller items in similar color tones – amber glass owls, mossy green ceramic owls.
  • Group items to create vignettes. For example, on a console table display: owl bookends, a framed owl illustration, and a pair of owl candles.
  • Incorporate natural elements like branches, river rocks, moss or pinecones. These touches enhance the woodland theme.

The Allure of Decorating with Owls

What is it exactly that makes owls such a popular subject for home decor? Here are some reasons these creatures lend such distinct appeal.

Owl accents evoke mystery. With luminescent eyes alertly watching over a space, they seem imbued with ancient wisdom. Decorating with owls lends a sense of their protective presence.

In many cultures, owls symbolize intuition, vision, and connection to the moon. When you feel their gaze upon you, it’s as if they’re channeling an otherworldly essence into your surroundings. Owls also represent themes of transition and change.

Beyond their spiritual symbolism, owls simply fascinate. Their heart-shaped faces, large luminous eyes, and soft plumage charm the beholder. Owls bridge the gap between the wild and whimsical. With their stern expression and erect posture, they have an aura of prestige.

For animal lovers and nature enthusiasts, owl-themed decor brings an organic element indoors. Handcrafted wooden owls feel like they just swooped down from an enchanted forest. Owl figurines and art feel connected to the beauty of the natural world.

If you’re searching for home accents that lend personality, nature, and mystical charm all at once, owl decor beautifully fits the bill. Let these soulful birds keep watch over your home, imbuing each room with their serene yet captivating presence. Surround yourself with their wisdom, and embrace the magic of decorating with owls.

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