Arrange Pillows Like an Interior Design Pro in 5 Simple Steps

Decorating with throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to elevate any living space. But arranging them with the eye of an interior designer takes a bit of skill. Follow these simple tips and tricks to layer your pillows like a pro.

You’ll learn insider secrets for choosing the perfect mix of decorative pillows and expertly combining designs, textures and colors. Read on to pull your room together with the designer pillow styling you’ve been dreaming of.

Step 1: Choose the Right Pillows

The first step in creating a polished pillowscape is choosing the right pillows for your space. Here are some things to keep in mind:

how to arrange pillows on a sectional
  • Consider size and shape. Start with larger 20-22 inch square pillows to anchor the arrangement. Then add 14-18 inch rectangular or round pillows for variety. Finally, bring in a few small 10-12 inch accent pillows for extra interest.
  • Choose comfy, durable fillings. Down, down alternative and polyester fills ensure your pillows hold their loft and feel great when lounging. Make sure the filling suits your preference for soft or firm.
  • Select removable, washable covers. Give preference to fabrics like cotton, linen and velvet that feel luxurious and look great. Look for interesting textures and patterns too.
  • Complement existing color scheme. Pick up hints of colors from your room’s palette in your pillow fabrics. But don’t be afraid to add a bright accent pillow or two for pops of color.

Step 2: Focus on the Corners and Arms

When beginning your pillow arrangement, focus first on the corners and arms of your sofa or sectional. Here are some tips for nailing this foundation:

  • Place the largest pillows here first. The big square and rectangular pillows you chose in Step 1 are perfect.
  • This placement helps define the overall arrangement and gives you a base to build upon.
  • Anchoring the corners and arms makes a polished, pulled together impression.
  • Smaller pillows layered in front will be secure and not slip down.

Step 3: Layer Pillows for Dimension

Creative layering is key for a pillow arrangement with depth and visual interest. Follow these guidelines:

  • Stack pillows with the largest in back and smaller ones staggered in front.
  • Slightly overlap pillows and place them at attractive angles rather than straight on.
  • Vary pillow textures, patterns and designs as you move forward toprevent monotony.
  • Mix different sizes and shapes for an organic, collected look.
  • Your layered pillows will pop thanks to all the dimension.

Step 4: Achieve Balance and Harmony

A balanced pillowscape conveys an orderly, welcoming impression. But asymmetry can feel fun and relaxed. Choose your vibe:

  • Symmetrical: Arrange the same number and size pillows on each end of your sofa. Achieves a tailored, elegant look.
  • Asymmetrical: Go for a creative, casual mix of differently sized and shaped pillows. Embrace the eclectic style.
  • Ensure adequate negative space. Avoid overcrowding the sofa or it will feel cluttered.
  • Repeating colors throughout ties the arrangement together.

Step 5: Embrace Creative Mixing

The final step to nailing your pillowscape is to confidently mix up designs, colors and textures. Have fun with these tips:

  • Combine different colors in pleasing color combos. Accent with bright pops of color.
  • Mix and match different patterns and prints. Just ensure there is a cohesive palette.
  • Throw in an unexpected fabric like velvet or add unique embroidery.
  • The result will be an eclectic, charming arrangement that’s all you.

With this comprehensive guide, you have all the insider tips for arranging pillows like an interior design pro. Here’s a quick recap of the 5 key steps:

  1. Choose the right mix of pillows
  2. Focus first on the corners and arms
  3. Layer pillows for dimension
  4. Achieve balance and harmony
  5. Embrace creative mixing

You can easily style a pulled-together pillowscape with the right decorative pillows and practice. Have fun and embrace your personal style as you experiment with different arrangements. Your home decor is a reflection of you!

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