Apartment Dwellers, Instantly Upgrade Your Windows With These Genius Curtain Hacks

For many renters, making an apartment feel homey often means personalizing the windows with curtains or other treatments. But drilling holes to hang window decor just isn’t an option. Luckily, with a few clever solutions, you can easily achieve a customized, pulled-together look by layering beautiful curtains over your existing blinds.

Keep reading for simple, affordable methods that transform any room without angering landlords or risking security deposits.

Address Common Concerns Upfront

Isn’t this against my rental agreement?

While every lease differs, most standard agreements allow non-destructive modifications like removable curtain rods or adhesive hooks. Always double check your specific rental contract to ensure curtain additions don’t violate rules against alterations.

As long as your new window treatments don’t leave permanent holes or marks, cause damage to property, or require illicit structural changes, you should be in the clear to implement these quick tricks.

Will this damage my deposit?

The key with rental-friendly curtain hacks is reversibility. As long as you carefully follow individual product directions and thoroughly remove any adhesive pieces later, your deposit shouldn’t take a hit.

how to hang curtains over blinds in an apartment

When the time comes to move out, gently detach any stick-on hardware to avoid peeled paint or damaged blinds. And don’t toss tension rods until you’ve checked behind for stray marks just to be safe.

Method 1: Adhesive/Command Hooks

What are they?

Adhesive hooks, also called command hooks, utilize strips of a velcro-like material that sticks to smooth surfaces. Easy to install without tools, they’re available at any hardware or home goods store.

How to use them:

Start by selecting an adhesive hook size capable of bearing the weight of standard curtain panels. Measure across your window then purchase enough hooks for even spacing every 6 to 12 inches along the length.

Thoroughly clean each spot where a hook will attach, then peel and press to adhere. Most command hook packages indicate safe surfaces for use like finished wood, glass, tile and metal.

Finally, hang clip-on curtain rings along the attached hooks with rings spaced a couple inches apart. Clip your preferred curtain panels into place and enjoy your quick no-damage transformation.


  • Affordable, available at any hardware store
  • Super easy to install, no tools needed

Method 2: Tension Rods

What are they?

Tension rods are adjustable, telescopic curtain rods constructed using a spring mechanism. This allows them to tightly press against opposite walls or window frames to maintain sturdy positioning.

They often feature small rubber stoppers on the ends to improve grip and prevent damage to surrounding surfaces.

How to use:

Start by measuring the width of your window including the frame and any exposed blinds or shades when fully extended. This ensures proper telescopic tension rod sizing.

Next, contract the rod by hand and fit between window sides, slowly releasing so the spring system provides enough outward pressure for secure holding. Use included hardware to further tighten or loosen tension as needed.

Check that the rod sits parallel to the window, then hang curtains by clipping rings or back tabs directly into the attached metal loops. For best results, opt for lighter weight linen, lace or sheer panels.


  • Inexpensive solution for renters
  • Easy to adjust to perfect size

Method 3: Curtain Rod Clips

What are they?

Curtain clips, sometimes called blind clips or cradle clips, are small plastic fasteners designed to quickly slide over and grip onto existing window hardware. Common types feature both top and bottom pieces connected by an adjustable band.

How to use:

Start by measuring between blind hardware tracks or rods to choose clip sizes that fit snugly. Standard spacing is every 3 or 4 inches but closer spacing provides more support.

Open the connected top and bottom clips then slide onto both sides of the window treatment hardware and close. Position at evenly spaced intervals while arranging any cord loops toward the outside edges.

Insert short dowel rods through rings along the top edge of curtains then place into clips to smoothly hang panels over existing blinds. Check alignment and lightly adjust clips as needed to help curtains operate most efficiently.


  • Keep curtains up without installing new hardware
  • Allow curtains to smoothly glide open and closed

Method 4: Self-Adhesive Clips

What are they?

Self-adhesive curtain clips feature a sturdy plastic clip construction with an attached gel-like adhesive coating on the reverse side to stick directly to glass windows or other surfaces.

How to use:

Begin by thoroughly cleaning window expanses above existing blinds or other hardware. Allow areas to fully dry before applying any self-adhesive pieces.

Test a clip in an inconspicuous spot and press firmly for 30 seconds to confirm it sticks properly and leaves no residue upon removal. If results look good, use included template spacing guides to plan even intervals.

Starting from the center and working outward, peel backing then firmly press clips at measured positions for best hold strength. For sliding doors or extra long spans, apply an additional center support clip for stability.

Clip curtain grommets or back loops directly into the attached rings. Check alignments, gently pressing to re-adhere any loose edges.


  • Super easy and affordable solution
  • Remove cleanly without damaging window surface

Decorating Inspiration

Once your genius no-damage curtain hacks are installed, it’s time for the fun part – dressing up your windows! Consider layering airy sheers behind richer opaque panels for added depth and light filtering. Incorporate eye-catching trims or contrasting patterns over solids for lots of style.

Check out these stunning rental spaces sporting creative window treatments. They provide tons of inspiration for materials and unique color combinations guaranteed to make any small space shine.

Neutral layered panels with natural textureVibrant colors like emerald green or sapphire blue
Mismatched designs and metallic touchesBold geometrics and global-inspired prints


Do you still have questions about hanging dreamy curtains over existing window blinds in your apartment? Below we’ve addressed some commonly asked queries for extra clarity.

Is it OK to hang curtains over blinds?

Yes, layering curtains over blinds is a smart way to soften hard window edges and allow renters to incorporate their unique style. Just be careful not to trap blinds when drawing curtains open or closed.

What about blackout curtains?

The no-damage techniques we’ve shared work beautifully for blackout curtains over blinds. Look for thick, opaque panels, often with blackout fabric backing, for maximum light blocking capabilities.

With this inside scoop on genius rental-friendly curtain hacks, apartment dwellers everywhere can customize lackluster windows without risking security deposits or landlord frustration.

Follow our simple, affordable no-tools tricks to instantly warm up any blank slate space while keeping the peace. Welcome neighbors in with soft welcoming light, ensure total privacy on rough bedhead mornings, or just add loads of style and color. However you decide to hang curtains over blinds, embrace these clever solutions to build your dream home oasis, one genius curtain hack at a time!

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