Amp Up Your Kitchen’s Farmhouse Look with a Soap Caddy Makeover

Is your farmhouse-inspired kitchen in need of a little pick-me-up? Adding a soap caddy is an easy and affordable way to inject some vintage farmhouse charm while keeping your sink tidy.

Farmhouse Style 101

Farmhouse decor is all about natural materials, utility, and nostalgic rural appeal. The farmhouse look features wood plank floors, galvanized metal accents, natural fiber textiles, and an emphasis on organization. A soap caddy is a functional item that also exudes cozy farmhouse vibes.

Benefits of a Kitchen Soap Caddy

A soap caddy offers several benefits for a farmhouse kitchen:

  • Keeps counter clutter-free by corralling hand soap, dish soap, sponges in one tidy spot
  • Allows convenient access to cleaning supplies when washing dishes
  • Adds vintage-inspired charm with various material options
  • Can be customized to match your existing decor

Key Considerations for Choosing a Soap Caddy

Here are some important factors to consider when selecting a kitchen soap caddy:

  • Placement near your sink
  • Size and number of compartments needed
  • Durability of materials that will be exposed to water
  • Complimentary style that fits your kitchen decor
  • Budget for store-bought vs DIY options

Stylish Store-Bought Soap Caddy Options

You can find a wide range of ready-made soap caddies to suit your taste and kitchen style. Here are some popular styles:

Modern Metal Caddies

Metal caddies often feature convenient soap dispensers and are very durable. Stainless steel or galvanized tin dispensers with a wire caddy shelf or basin add industrial farmhouse flair.

Wooden Caddies

Wood soap caddies have a natural, rustic look. Options include carved caddies with hooks for hanging or wooden crates with shelves to neatly organize your soaps.

farmhouse kitchen soap caddy

Woven and Concrete Caddies

Cement planters and woven baskets lend a casual farmhouse vibe. Look for rectangular shapes to fit around your sink.

Vintage-Style Caddies

For nostalgic charm, try an enameled tin bucket printed with retro graphics or a galvanized tub on a chalkboard-painted stand.

DIY Painted Mason Jar Soap Caddies

For a budget-friendly farmhouse soap caddy, upcycle mason jars with a little paint and creativity.

Supplies Needed

  • Clean mason jars
  • Acrylic paint in desired colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Vinyl letter stickers (optional)

Painting Tips

Use even coats of acrylic paint on the jars – don’t overbrush. Let dry completely before adding a second coat or vinyl lettering. Topcoat with polyurethane for added protection.

Customizing Your Jars

Personalize your mason jar soap dispensers with vinyl cutout words like “Soap,” “Bubbles,” or “Scrub.” Or arrange labeled jars in a decorative caddy.

Caring for Your Mason Jar Caddy

Handwash painted jars instead of using the dishwasher to avoid chipping. Check for cracks before each use.

Displaying Your Soap Caddy

Location, Location, Location

Look for spots near your sink to place your caddy – on the countertop, windowsill, or mounted on the wall. Make sure your soap bottles can comfortably reach the sink.

Complement Your Style

Match your caddy to your kitchen’s color palette and textures. For example, wooden shelves with galvanized dispensers. Arrange caddies symmetrically for a put-together look.

Extra Touches

Take your soap caddy display to the next level with mini watering cans filled with flowers or cute ceramic chickens perched nearby.

Transform Your Sink Area on a Budget

With some thrifty finds and DIY creativity, you can upgrade your sink without spending a fortune:

  • Find inexpensive woven baskets or concrete planters at stores like Target or Walmart
  • Upcycleused glass jars from your pantry into soap dispensers
  • Use a $1 plastic planter from Dollar Tree as a charming caddy

Adding a farmhouse soap caddy is an easy and affordable kitchen upgrade. With so many stylish store-bought and DIY options, you can create a customized caddy to keep your sink tidy and display your favorite farmhouse charm. Get inspired by these tips to create a soap caddy makeover that matches your personal taste and budget.

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