Amp Up Your Kitchen’s Cooking Power with Double Ovens

Whether you are an aspiring home chef, love to entertain, or simply need more oven space for everyday cooking, installing double ovens may be the ideal kitchen upgrade for you. With double the ovens, you can expand your meal preparation abilities, cook multiple dishes at once, and streamline your cooking workflow like never before.

Ready to take your culinary game to the next level? Read on to learn how to maximize your cooking power with a double oven kitchen!

double oven kitchen ideas

The Benefits of Double Oven Kitchens

So why should you consider installing double ovens instead of a single oven in your kitchen? Here are some of the key advantages:

Cook More Food at Once

The most obvious benefit of having two ovens is the ability to cook substantially more food at one time. With double the oven capacity, you can prepare ingredients for an entire multi-course dinner simultaneously. Roast the pork loin in one oven, bake some au gratin potatoes in the other, and use your stove top for sauteing veggies.

Double ovens are a game changer for families, busy professionals, and those who regularly cook large meals for groups. No need to time everything consecutively when you have two ovens to utilize.

Improved Workflow

Another excellent advantage of double ovens is how they can streamline your kitchen workflow. Once part of the meal is done cooking in one oven, simply transfer it to the other oven set at a lower temperature to keep warm. In the meantime, you can start cooking your next item in the newly freed-up oven. This makes preparing multi-course meals much more organized and efficient.

Double ovens are also great for those who love to multitask in the kitchen. You can roast vegetables in one oven while baking cookies in the other, for example. No need to wait for one dish to finish cooking before starting the next.

Added Convenience

With double ovens, you gain more flexibility and options when cooking. You can set each oven to a different temperature or cooking mode. For instance, use one oven for standard baking at 350degF and the other for convection roasting at 425degF. Or keep one oven dedicated to meat dishes while the other is reserved for recipes that can’t have any meat cross-contamination.

Double ovens also provide convenience by allowing you to cook more food at once and save time spent waiting for your single oven. Hosting holiday meals or dinner parties becomes much more manageable too.

Creative Double Oven Placement Ideas

To take advantage of the benefits above, strategic oven placement in your kitchen layout is essential. Here are some creative ways to incorporate double ovens:

Freestanding Cabinet

The most popular choice is installing double ovens in a tall, standalone cabinet. This provides ample room to accommodate two full-size ovens stacked vertically or placed side-by-side. Optimal interior dimensions for a double oven cabinet are approximately 30″ wide x 27″ to 84″ high. Allow for a few extra inches of clearance on the sides and top.

A freestanding double oven cabinet positioned in a convenient, easy to access part of the kitchen is ideal. You’ll have full use of both ovens without having to reach over a cooktop or kneel down.

Upper and Lower Split

Another idea is to split your double ovens between the upper and lower cabinets. Place one oven at eye level and the other below in a squat cabinet. This takes advantage of unused space between countertops and cabinets. The upper oven will be more ergonomic to access since you won’t have to bend down.

Kitchen Island

Incorporating your double ovens into a kitchen island is another unique option. Build your island with a wider cabinet to accommodate two ovens. This keeps them out of the way of main food prep areas but still easily accessible. Plus, an island with double ovens can become a stylish focal point in an open concept kitchen.

Choosing the Right Double Ovens

When selecting double ovens, keep the following factors in mind:

Oven Sizes

Standard double ovens are usually 27″ to 30″ wide. However, larger and more compact size options are available. Measure your intended oven cabinet space first to ensure a proper fit. Also consider what oven interior capacity you need based on how much you cook. Standard ovens range from 4.5 to 6 cubic feet per oven.

Oven Features

Look for specialized cooking modes that fit your needs, like convection baking and broiling for faster, more even cooking. Self-cleaning is another popular feature that easily wipes away baked-on foods without chemicals. And built-in WiFi lets you control oven temperatures and modes remotely from your mobile device.

Other nice extras include air frying, convection microwave, food probes, and adjustable racks. Consider how you plan to use your double ovens and choose the features that will enhance your experience.

Fuel Types

Double ovens are available in electric, gas, and dual-fuel options. Electric ovens tend to heat more evenly and are simpler to install. Gas ovens allow more instant temperature control and faster preheating. Dual-fuel gives you a gas cooktop and electric oven combination. This lets you benefit from the advantages of each fuel type.

Design Aesthetic

Stainless steel is popular for a modern look that matches most kitchen styles. But you can also find double ovens with black, white, or colored finishes to better coordinate with your existing decor. Glass oven doors provide a contemporary feel while allowing you to monitor cooking progress without constantly opening the ovens. And handles and hardware should match the rest of your kitchen design.

Top Double Oven Brands & Budget

Here are some of the top double wall oven brands to consider:

  • GE – Affordable and reliable reputation. Cafe series features smart options.
  • Frigidaire – Well-priced ovens with lots of cooking modes.
  • LG – Known for oven technology and convection performance.
  • KitchenAid – Stylish designs available in multiple colors.
  • Thermador – Luxury brand with innovative features.
  • Bosch – German engineering provides ultra-precise cooking.

Expect to budget $2,000 to $5,000+ for a quality set of double ovens. Professional-grade luxury models can cost upwards of $10,000. Shop sales to find deals, especially around holidays. And remember, double ovens can seriously enhance your cooking experience and increase the resale value of your home.

Installing double ovens provides more cooking capacity, workflow efficiency, and convenience in the kitchen. With two ovens, you can cook multiple dishes at once, keep completed food warm, and have the flexibility to use different cooking modes simultaneously.

Strategically incorporating double ovens into your kitchen design is made easy with placement options like freestanding cabinets, upper/lower splits, or kitchen islands. Be sure to select the right size, fuel type, and features based on your needs and preferences.

Top brands like GE, Thermador, and Bosch offer innovative double ovens that can upgrade any home chef’s cooking experience. Focus on finding models with the modes and functionality that best fit your cooking style and family.

Ready to double your oven capacity and seriously improve your meal prep abilities? We hope this guide helps you design the double oven kitchen of your dreams. With twice the ovens, you can look forward to cooking up even more delicious family meals and memorable dinner parties.

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