Add Timeless Texture To Your Bathroom Decor With Restoration Hardware MATS

A bath mat is one of the most functional yet often overlooked accessories when designing a bathroom space. More than just a towel to step on when exiting the shower, the right bath mat can provide visual interest and dramatically enhance your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

As a leader in timeless, vintage-inspired home furnishings, Restoration Hardware offers a treasure trove of high-quality bath mats to elevate your bathroom to new heights of sophistication. From plush organic cotton to intricate geometric patterns, their collection bridges old-world luxury with contemporary comfort.

The Importance of Texture in Bathroom Design

Texture adds crucial dimension and visual flair to any well-appointed bathroom. The interplay of surfaces creates a dynamic, layered effect while providing literal comfort underneath your feet. By incorporating tactile Restoration Hardware bath mats into your existing decor, you introduce compelling texture that pulls the whole room together.

Creates Dimension and Interest

A variety of textures keeps the eye engaged, moving across the surfaces of your bathroom. The juxtaposition of sleek tile with the plush luxury of a cotton mat, for example, adds welcome contrast. This creates depth and showcases the finer details of each piece.

Provides Comfort Underfoot

Hard bathroom floors can be tough on feet, especially right after a shower or bath. Proper bath mats provide a cushy surface to stand on, ensconcing your feet in soft comfort. Opt for cotton chenille or wool weaves to pamper bare soles.

restoration hardware bath mat

Finishing Touch for a Complete Look

Much like an artful pillow arrangement completes a living room, the right bath mat ties everything together visually. It becomes an anchoring focal point while introducing compelling texture. Choose materials and patterns that integrate nicely with your existing towels, shower curtains, and accessories.

An Overview of Restoration Hardware’s Bath Mat Selection

From muted organic cotton to graphic black and white lattice weaves, Restoration Hardware offers a vast array of bath mat textures guaranteed to suit any design aesthetic. Here’s an overview of exactly what defines their collection:

Array of Intriguing Textures

  • Plush and velvety cotton
  • Nubby linen with visible slubs
  • Subtly nubbed organic cotton
  • Thick woven designs
  • Alternating high-low sheared pile
  • Shag and faux-fur

Natural Materials Abound

In keeping with a core brand ethos rooted inenvironmental stewardship, many Restoration Hardware bath mats utilize renewable materials like:

  • Organic cotton
  • Locally-sourced wool
  • Bamboo viscose
  • Sustainably-harvested latex

Weave Styles and Patterns

Restoration Hardware interprets classic motifs through a modern lens with mat styles like:

  • Honeycomb geometric lattice
  • Variegated braids
  • Ikat stripes and print
  • Moroccan-inspired shapes
  • Subtly gradated ombre

Matching Restoration Hardware’s Signature Aesthetic

While vastly versatile across styles and materials, Restoration Hardware’s bath mat selection remains unified by the brand’s unwavering design aesthetic. Core attributes define their offerings:

Vintage Glamour Reimagined

Many mat patterns pay direct homage to turn-of-the-century style including deco lattice borders and intricate Middle Eastern motifs reminiscent of ancient mosaics.

Mostly Neutral Palettes

Cream, weathered ivory, fog gray and ash rose feature predominantly across the bath mat selection, exuding subtle sophistication.

Textural Harmony

Mats feel visually cohesive with other key Restoration Hardware pieces like stone vessel sinks or antique nickel lighting. The entire collection works together in cultivated harmony.

Choosing the Right Texture for Your Bathroom

With limitless bath mat choices available, selecting the appropriate texture requires thoughtful consideration around factors like space, functionality and pairing ability with existing decor:

Space Considerations

  • In small, tight bathrooms OPT for low-profile cotton or linen to avoid crowding.
  • Layer an accent wool rug OVER the mat as a plush antidote for hard surface flooring in larger baths.

Design Harmony

  • Pair nubby jute-cotton blends with farmhouse spaces for rustic character.
  • Envelop feet in soft, thick chenille or shearling after a relaxing soak in spa-like retreats.
  • Allow graphic weaves like chunky honeycomb to shine against sleek modern tile.

Clever Ways to Incorporate Multiple Textures

While one thoughtfully-chosen Restoration Hardware bath mat creates compelling contrast against your existing bathroom decor, cleverly layering IN multiple textures elicits truly dynamic interplay sure to dazzle the senses. Here are creative suggestions for tactile coordination:

Contrast Mat and Towel Textures

Set fluffy cotton towels atop a tightly woven jute-blend mat for an engaging study in opposites. The mat’s flat nubby texture plays against the towel’s soft loops for a visually striking partnership.

Use a Coordinating Accent Rug

In larger baths, anchor your main cotton chenille mat then LAYER a graphic sisal accent rug on top for euphoric cushioning and added pattern. The smaller rug connects the mat visually to the rest of the space for pulled together cohesion.

Mix Natural Materials

Create sophisticated depth by mingling linen AND cotton bath mat textures in the same color story. For example, try organic cotton towels over top an earthy rectangular jute mat. The dynamic interplay elicits organic warmth.

Caring Tips for Long-Lasting Beauty

Investing in any high-quality home furnishing like a Restoration Hardware bath mat necessitates proper care for longevity and sustained enjoyment in the years to come. Here are key maintenance suggestions:

Frequent Cleaning

Launder cotton mats after 3 uses to prevent buildup of dirt, oil and grime that corrode fibers over time. For wool mats without latex backing, vacuum then professionally dry clean every year.

Proper Drying

Allow mats to fully air dry after washing to prevent moisture retention leading to mold growth in humid bathrooms. Lay flat and avoid direct sunlight.

Spot Treatment

Promptly treat any isolated stains using a gentle eco-friendly solvent like hydrogen peroxide. Then rinse clean. This prevents permanent discoloration.

The right textures transform a bathroom, creating depth and infusing visual dynamism into the space. As torchbearers of vintage sophistication reimagined for contemporary spaces, Restoration Hardware’s bath mat selection bridges eras and design movements with compelling textures guaranteed to elevate your home.

Surround feet in plush luxury, create captivating contrast and lusciously layer multiple tactile surfaces for showstoppinginterplay. Give your bathroom an alluring patina of timeworn, textural beauty guaranteed to transport your daily rituals into sublime experiences.

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