A Bold Burgundy and Gray Shower Curtain That Will Transform Your Bathroom

The latest interior design trends have seen a surge in popularity for bold, moody color palettes featuring rich burgundy and sophisticated gray tones. This powerful color combination not only looks incredibly elegant, but it also has the power to completely transform the look and feel of a previously basic and lackluster bathroom.

Introducing a high quality burgundy and gray shower curtain into your space is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to jump on this trend. With the right curtain, you’ll be amazed at the dramatic effect it has. It injects a sense of vibrancy, depth, and luxury into the room. Keep reading to discover why you need this showstopping style element in your life.

Burgundy and Gray as a Sophisticated Color Combo

There’s just something about the union of cranberry-hued burgundy and cool, muted gray that embodies elegance. These rich wine tones and ashy grays epitomize refinement and modern glamour.

burgundy and gray shower curtain

Burgundy lends spaces a sense of plushness and aristocratic charm. The gray beautifully tempers it, keeping the look timeless versus overly ostentatious. You’ll find this versatile color scheme lending itself perfectly to a variety of design aesthetics and decor styles.

Works Beautifully in Any Style of Space

Do you lean towards more of a contemporary, trend-forward look or prefer a traditional feel with just a hint of edge? Good news: a burgundy and gray shower curtain pairs beautifully with either aesthetic.

In sleek, modern bathrooms, this bold color combination adds a very of-the-moment, runway-inspired look. The two moody tones play nicely against glossy tiles, chrome finishes, and sleek lines.

For those drawn to more subtle, ornate style elements, these rich wine and grayish blue hues lend spaces a moodiness in a still refined way. Feel free to incorporate the palette with vintage accessories, floral motifs, and antique-style hardware.

Complements an Array of Decor Styles

Another prime reason this dreamy color combo works everywhere: it complements a wide spectrum of styles. Go ahead and pair your swanky new burgundy and gray shower curtain with:

  • Black and white graphic prints
  • Navy blue towels or bathroom rugs
  • Brass, gold, or nickel bath fixtures
  • Bold patterned floor tile
  • Cream, white, or wood-toned vanities

See? This versatile curtain acts as a neutral while still packed with personality. It truly goes with everything and allows you to add as many or as few accompanying finishes as you desire.

Special Features and Fabrics to Consider

Not all shower curtains are made equal. As you search for that perfect burgundy and gray style to hang in your bathroom, keep an eye out for models with special features or fabrications made to stand the test of time and make your life easier.

Water Repellent and Mildew Resistant Fabrics

Since moisture and humidity run rampant in the bathroom, look for shower curtains offering moisture-wicking, quick dry, or water repellent properties. Curtains made of 100% polyester or coated in hydrophobic finishes shield better against soaking and prevent mildew growth.

Weighted Bottom Hem and Built-In Hooks

Details like weighted hems and built-in curtain hooks eliminates so much hassle. The weighted hem allows the curtain to hang straight rather than billow in and stick to you mid-shower. Integrated hooks mean no need to meticulously arrange shower curtain rings.

Alternative Hanging Options

If your bathroom doesn’t easily allow for shower rod installation, fantastic options exist for hanging a new burgundy and gray shower curtain sans hardware. Certain curtains come with adhesive Velcro strips or magnets. Simply apply to the wall or use included command strip adhesives.

Find the Perfect Curtain Dimensions

Shower curtains come in all shapes and sizes to suit your unique bathroom’s parameters. Consider the following when choosing dimensions for your new glorious gray and burgundy curtain.

Know Your Opening Size

First things first: measure the width of your tub or shower opening. Standard sizes are usually 60-72 inches across. Narrow apartment showers may be just 36-48 inches wide. Write this number down so you purchase a curtain wide enough to cover the span.

Determine Optimal Length

You also want to assess the ideal vertical length for complete coverage without puddling. Measure from the rod to the floor of the tub itself. Most standard size curtains run 70-72 inches long. Confirm whether you need something longer or shorter.

Custom Sizing Options

Standard70-72″ L x 60-72″ W
Extra Wide70-72″ L x 95-144″ W
Extra Long84-120″ L x 60-72″W
Custom-CutUp to 120″ L x 144″ W

Luckily, retailers offer standard curtain sizes to custom-cut options spanning larger openings or shower-tub combos (see table). Provide them your exact measurements for a tailored solution.

Stylish Pattern and Design Selections

Time for the fun part: picking the actual color palette, pattern, and design features for your new burgundy and gray shower curtain ! This stylish color combination translates into all sorts of prints from subtle stripped awning motifs to bold abstract geometrics to calming watercolor blooms. Or go for graphic impact with a simple ombre print bath curtain fading from burgundy down to storm cloud gray.

Contemporary Graphic Styles and Geometric Prints

For modern spaces, geometric patterns prove popular for their graphic, high-contrast impact. Triangle motifs, intersecting lines, and crisscross shapes in gradient colors rock a contemporary edge.

Vintage Inspired Floral and Paisley Designs

Floral inspired designs allow you to carry those moody wine and gray tones into a soft feminine vibe. Look for muted plum, mauve, and smoke-toned paisley patterns or watercolor paint-stroke flowers for a romantic feel.

Coordinating Your Bathroom Accessories

Whichever pattern you select, additional burgundy and gray bathroom accessories exist to complement your new shower focal point. Try pairing with:

  • A matching cotton bath rug
  • A luxurious gray and burgundy toss blanket
  • Soap dispensers or shelves in glossy plum
  • Gray wood shelving, organizers, or wall art

Hassle-Free Installation Tips

Installing your newly acquired burgundy and gray shower curtain proves incredibly straightforward. But a few helpful tips ensure optimal hanging and arrangement. Go for a smooth, stylish look every time.

Carefully Hang the Curtain Rod

If needed, use a level and tape measure to evenly hang your shower rod across the full span of your tub or shower opening. Position the rod a sensible height above the tub rim or shower floor for handy access and coverage. Most standard rod heights fall around 7 feet.

Arrange Curtain Hooks Evenly

For rod-hung curtain styles sans built-in hooks, evenly distribute individual hooks across the full length of the rod. Arrange them 3 to 5 inches apart. Carefully hang your curtain’s top holes onto each awaiting hook to guarantee even arrangement.

Alternative No Hardware Options

Today’s shower curtain offerings brim with handy no-drill options for spaces with tile walls or tub surrounds prohibiting typical rod hanging. Use pre-applied adhesive strips or magnets to affix your glorious new burgundy and gray shower curtain directly to the wall itself.

Caring for Your New Shower Curtain

Okay, your beautiful new burgundy and gray shower focal point is hung perfectly in place and ready to enjoy. But nothing lasts long, especially in hot steamy bathrooms, without proper care. Follow these critical steps to maintain its eye-catching style and water-wicking integrity for years.

Routinely Wash and Disinfect

To limit soap scum build up and mildew growth on your curtain, toss it in the washing machine routinely. Every 2-4 weeks works for most households. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle using mild detergent. Occasionally disinfect using white vinegar or Lysol Laundry Sanitizer.

Quick Dry and Rehang Promptly

After washing, either tumble dry on low or hang to fully air dry before promptly rehanging in your tub or shower area. Allowing the curtain to fester wet promotes mold and mildew leading to ugly staining and smells.

Use a Good Shower Liner

While specially coated shower curtain fabrics resist moisture well, a good quality plastic liner provides indispensable backup defense. The liner catches most of the overspray and billowing steam before it penetrates your precious curtain.

Affordable Luxury to Suit Any Project Budget

Perhaps best of all about this trendy home upgrade: you can score a spectacular burgundy and gray shower curtain without breaking the bank. Prices run the gamut from budget to luxury allowing any homeowners to incorporate this of-the-moment style element.

Expect to Spend $20 to $150

What impacts cost range so drastically comes down to fabric quality, curtain size, integrated features, and designer branding. Linen and velvet curtains with custom sizing hit the top end. Simple polyester styles from big box stores anchor the bottom.

Focus on Quality Construction Over Cost

Train your eye to focus less on price tags and more on design details that boost durability and longevity like:

  • Reinforced top hems
  • Strong, corrosion-resistant grommets
  • Sturdy weighted hems
  • Water repellent coatings

Judge construction first before ruling out options solely for their higher price points. A few slightly pricier picks actually save you cash down the road through their hardy constructions guaranteed to stand the test of time and regular laundering.

Achieve a Complete Bathroom Transformation

Swapping out your tired vinyl liner or basic solid-hued plastic curtain for this on-trend burgundy and gray shower curtain instantly ushers your entire bathroom’s style into current times. And doing so without a full scale renovation or facelift makes the dramatic switch even more fabulous.

Easy First Step to a New Bathroom Look

Think about it. This single addition inserts rich color, meaningful pattern, and a captivating focal point previously lacking. The bold color combo and swanky designs available today for shower curtains infuse even the drabbest, most basic bathroom with a fresh and inviting facelift.

Inspiring Photos of Gorgeous Designer Spaces

Need a bit more encouragement before taking the burgundy and gray curtain plunge? Below we’ve curated a collection of swoon-worthy designer bathroom images beautifully demonstrating the transformative power of this commanding color scheme. Let the photo reels spark creative ideas for your own home.

[Insert photo collection here with captions]

Style Your Space Seamlessly

Hopefully the above round up of inspiring spaces shows just how seamlessly a burgundy and gray shower curtain infuses color, vibrancy, and interest into previously lackluster bathroom designs. Use the images to spark creative inspiration for accessorizing and styling your redesigned space.

Suddenly the entire room gains drama and moodiness from floors to walls to accessories. And the total makeover requires such little effort. Simply start with this single commanding style statement as your springboard to a breathtaking new modern bath design.

Clearly no longer relegated to drab rentals or dated decor, today’s bathrooms crave the richness a burgundy and gray shower curtain offers. This posh color combination exudes refinement and edge ideal for contemporary homes and modern spaces.

With the right material construction, size customization, and dazzling prints available, designing your dream curtain proves totally possible and affordable! Install your eye-catching new linen, velvet or polyester focal piece then build out the rest of your accessories from there.

Before long, you’ll have a straight-from-the-runway designer bathroom glow up without undergoing a full overhaul. And it all stemmed from a single swap for that game changing gray and burgundy style statement.

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