72-Inch Window? Here’s How Wide Your Curtains Should Be

For windows that measure 72 inches across, determining the right curtain width for an attractive appearance can be tricky. Fortunately, there are some standard guidelines to follow. Typically, curtains should measure between 1.5 to 3 times the width of the window itself for optimal fullness and style.

Getting Accurate Window Measurements

Before even shopping for curtains, it’s crucial to measure your 72-inch window properly. This ensures you know precisely what curtain widths will fit.

Use a steel tape measure for maximum accuracy. Measure width from edge to edge across the front of the window frame. Don’t forget to account for the depth of the frame sides and any obstructing corners or protrusions. Also measure height including the full window frame.

Standard Curtain Width Guidelines

The general rule of thumb is that curtain panels should equal 1.5 to 3 times the window’s width. This provides enough extra width for attractive draping, stacking, gathering, and fullness.

1.5 Times Window Width

At 1.5 times the window’s width (so 108 total inches for a 72-inch window), you still achieve some nice curtain fullness. This allows some gentle soft folds and stacks. It’s a great budget-friendly option for a simpler style. You won’t get truly luxurious folds, but the curtains beautifully frame the window.

2 Times Window Width

Measuring curtains at twice your window’s width is ideal for that luxe draped look. So for a 72-inch window, each panel would measure 72 inches across. This provides enough width for pinched cartridge pleats and generous gather. It is perfect if you want to hang the panels from decorative curtain rings as well. And it leaves room for airy, billowing sheers if layered behind.

3 Times Window Width

If you use the 3 times math for panel width, this produces an ultra-luxurious floor-length draped effect. For 72-inch windows, panels would each be 216 inches wide–so over 18 feet! Such opulent fullness provides an elegant focal point.

Curtain Width Formulas

To recap the standard curtain width guidelines:

  • 1.5 x Window Width = Total Curtain Width
  • 2 x Window Width = Total Curtain Width
  • 3 x Window Width = Total Curtain Width

So for a 72-inch wide window specifically:

how wide should curtains be for 72 inch window
  • 1.5 x 72 inches = 108 inches total width
  • 2 x 72 inches = 144 inches total width
  • 3 x 72 inches = 216 inches total width

Considerations for Determining Length

For the most dramatic, elegant look, choose full-length curtains that just lightly kiss the floor. But you can tailor the length based on your room too.

Consider window functions. Bedrooms might need more privacy with light-blocking lengths. Sheer overlays could complement blackout curtains on living spaces to balance light and views. Customize curtain designs to your needs.

Alternative Curtain Lengths

Beyond floor length, other stylish options include:

  • Sill length: Falls just below the windowsill
  • Cafe length: Ends halfway down the window
  • Tiered or layered lengths

Functionality and Combinations

Factor in how you use your 72-inch wide windows. Consider sunlight control needs with blackouts or opaque styles. Soft filtered light can shine through lightweight sheers.

Mix and match curtains with other window treatments too. For instance, pair sheers and curtains over plantation shutters. Or hang drapes over cordless shades. Combining treatments optimizes functionality and decor.

Measuring and Hanging Curtain Rods

Allow ample width for your curtain rod too, as this impacts draping. Measure for rods equal to or up to 4 inches wider than the window’s width. Place the rod 8 to 12 inches above the window frame for proper clearance and visibility.

Securely install flat or decorative rods spanning past the window edges using the proper hardware. Check for levelness to ensure even hanging.

Achieving an Optimal Appearance

Once you have the perfect curtain measurements and widths, focus on the details for a flawless look:

  • Add lush pinch pleats, velvet headers, or grommets
  • Hem curtains 1/2 inch off the floor
  • Coordinate colors and patterns
  • Layer different textures like sheers and heavy drapes

Proper execution elevates your window treatments into an artistic masterpiece!

Calculating curtain widths and lengths for 72-inch wide windows is easier than it seems. Simply decide how much opulent fullness you desire–from 1.5 times up to 3 times the window’s width. Consider style factors like added combinations and treatments too. Following these guidelines results in perfectly dressed windows!

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