10 Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen with Baskets Above Cabinets

Does your kitchen feel cluttered and disorganized? Are your cabinets overflowing while counter space feels scarce? If you’re struggling with limited storage, it may be time to look up. The oft-overlooked space above kitchen cabinets offers prime real estate for extra storage. By utilizing baskets above your cabinets, you can instantly declutter your kitchen while adding style.

Baskets are a versatile and budget-friendly way to corral kitchen items and free up valuable cabinet space. From infrequently used appliances to linens to dishware, overhead baskets keep essentials accessible but out of the way. They also allow you to creatively display decorative items. Follow these 10 tips to transform the empty void over your cabinets into a functional and fashionable storage solution.

Use Baskets for Storing Infrequently Used Items

Specialty kitchen tools like pasta makers, dehydrators, roasters, and large platters tend to spend more time tucked away in cabinets than actually being used. Store these bulky items overhead to free up your prime storage real estate below. The key is keeping them accessible but out of your daily workflow. Here are some ideas for items to stash above:

baskets above kitchen cabinets
  • Slow cookers, pressure cookers, rice cookers
  • Mixers, food processors, juicers
  • Muffin tins, bundt pans, roasting racks
  • Serving trays, large platters
  • Holiday dishware like tureens or pie plates

Look for items that you only use occasionally or for special occasions. Wire shelving units with baskets allow you to neatly organize a variety of small appliances and cooking tools while keeping them visible. For flatter items, try removable wire racks secured inside baskets.

Designate a Basket for Each Family Member’s Items

When multiple family members share a kitchen, the clutter can pile up quickly. Assigning personalized storage spots overhead helps keep cabinets from becoming a jumbled mess. Give each person their own basket for stashing snacks, favorite mugs, water bottles, or other personal items.

Labeling baskets makes it easy for everyone to remember where their space is. Stick-on chalkboard labels let you jot names right on the baskets. For a cuter approach, attach acrylic name plaques with removable adhesive. This prevents cabinets from becoming a disorganized free-for-all.

Store Spices in Overhead Baskets

Is your spice cabinet bursting at the seams? Give it a break by moving the spice storage upstairs. Sectioned baskets allow you to neatly organize herbs and spices while keeping them in easy reach. Install a slide-out rack under the basket to access your spices without needing to pull down the entire basket.

Alternatively, mount sturdy magnetic strips or wire racks to the underside of a basket. Attach small magnetic tins or wire baskets to store your spices. Not only will this open up cabinet space, but having spices overhead near your cooking area makes cooking more convenient.

Use Baskets for Linens and Tableware

Stash linens like cloth napkins, placemats, and tablecloths inside overhead baskets to free up drawer space. For easy access, install double-tiered pull down racks on cabinet doors to store linens above but within reach. Wire storage cubes inside baskets allow you to neatly fold linens.

In the dining area, try lining baskets with rattan or fabric for an elegant way to store dining accessories. Placemats, napkin rings, extra silverware and other table decor items can live in these transitional baskets. Enjoy the clutter-free cabinet space below.

Hide Kitchen Clutter in Covered Baskets

Let’s face it, not everything in your kitchen is going to be visually appealing. But you can discreetly corral messy items like plastic containers, aluminum foil boxes, or utensil crocks in covered baskets above cabinets. Look for baskets with lids or use a removable fabric liner to keep contents out of sight.

For frequently used items, install slide-out trays or racks underneath overhead baskets. Slide out your foil, wraps, utensils or spices without fumbling to pull down the entire basket. Keep your kitchen looking neat while keeping essentials handy.

Create a Coffee/Tea Station with Baskets

Make your morning coffee routine more seamless by dedicating overhead baskets as your go-to beverage station. Use one basket to store mugs and one for your coffee, tea, sugar, and creamer. Install them near your coffee maker for easy access.

Having everything centralized in one spot makes preparing your daily cuppa a breeze. No more rummaging around multiple cabinets to get everything you need. For safety, opt for baskets with lids to prevent spills or leaks from dripping down below.

Utilize Baskets for Dish Storage

If your dish cabinets are stuffed to capacity, look upstairs for extra storage space. Designate overhead baskets for dishes that are used less frequently like special occasion dishware or extras for when company comes over.

Install slide-out racks or trays underneath dish baskets so you can easily access items without unloading the entire basket. A pair of upper and lower racks offers double the storage. Minimize cabinet clutter by keeping overflow dish items overhead.

Store Cookbooks in Overhead Baskets

Large cookbooks tend to dominate precious kitchen cabinet real estate. Give your book collection a new home overhead to make room for more practical items below. Install sturdy shelves across your upper cabinets to securely hold multiple baskets filled with books.

Place cookbook baskets near your cooking area for convenient access while cooking. If needed, removable bookends can keep contents upright and organized. Now you can scale down the size of your main bookcase.

Use Baskets for Displaying Decor Items

Transform the empty space over kitchen cabinets into a decorative display area. Baskets allow you to showcase vases, candlesticks, plants, sculptures, art, or other decorative items. Play with height by using baskets of varying sizes stacked or nested together.

Incorporate your style into the kitchen by choosing baskets that coordinate with your decor. For example, bamboo trays with faux greenery work well with boho or modern aesthetics. Wicker baskets complement farmhouse kitchens. Have fun curating your own gallery wall overhead.

Maintain Accessibility with Pull-Down Baskets

The downside of overhead storage is the struggle to reach items in tall baskets. Install pulley systems that allow baskets to be lowered down when needed and then pushed back up out of the way. Spring-loaded or counterweighted pulleys make raising and lowering lightweight baskets seamless.

For deeper upper cabinets, slide-out shelves bring baskets within reach then tuck away. Or, opt for open metal shelving units with wheels that glide along a track. No more precariously climbing step stools to access your overhead items.

If your kitchen cabinets are filled to the brim, baskets above cabinets offer accessible extra storage to make room below. You can conveniently stow away bulky or infrequently used items while displaying decor in the previously ignored space. Follow these tips to organize your kitchen and minimize clutter.

Baskets are an easy, customizable way to maximize every inch of your kitchen. So look up and discover the possibilities waiting over your cabinets. With a few baskets and clever storage solutions, you can enjoy a decluttered space that looks as good as it functions.

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