10 Laundry In the Kitchen Ideas to Steal for Function + Style

Doing laundry is an endless chore in any home. But what if you could make laundry more convenient by bringing it right into the heart of your home – the kitchen? Integrating laundry facilities into your kitchen layout allows you to multitask and keeps the inevitable task of washing clothes from taking over your whole house. Beyond just function, a thoughtfully designed kitchen laundry area can also provide unique style. From hidden cabinets to colorful accent walls, there are plenty of clever ways to incorporate laundry in your kitchen decor.

Keep reading for insights that will help you carve out a customized laundry nook while maintaining your ideal kitchen aesthetic.

Hidden Laundry Appliances for a Discreet Look

Not everyone wants their laundry on full display in the kitchen. Luckily, there are simple ways to tuck away laundry machines and supplies behind closed doors and cabinet fronts for a clean, uncluttered appearance. If you prefer your kitchen laundry duties to stay mostly out of sight, consider one of these discreet design ideas.

Hide Behind Closed Doors

Take a cue from many European kitchens by hiding laundry appliances behind louvered doors. The angled slats provide both ventilation and a view of the machines in action while concealing them when idle. For a more opaque option, choose doors with frosted glass panels or opt for solid cabinet fronts to fully hide the laundry area. Continue a kitchen’s existing cabinetry into the laundry zone to seamlessly incorporate the appliances behind closed doors.

Conceal Inside Custom Cabinets

For a bespoke solution, have cabinetry custom built to fit over laundry machines. Match the finish and hardware to existing kitchen cabinets for a cohesive look. To access the hidden appliances, install roll-down doors that lift up and out of the way or try sliding barn doors to preserve surrounding floor space. This is an ideal approach for small kitchens since every inch of space can be optimized for maximum function and storage.

Tuck Machines Away in a Closet

For a self-contained laundry area, carve out a closet or nook just for the wash and dry equipment. Add louvered doors or other concealing cabinet fronts to keep the machines out of sight. Custom organizing features inside, like pull-out ironing boards, hanging bars, and laundry bags, make laundry tasks easier. Just make sure to allow for proper ventilation for the closeted appliances.

Open Concept Laundry Displays

On the opposite design spectrum, you can proudly put laundry machines on full display. Allowing laundry appliances to take center stage transforms them into functional art pieces. When thoughtfully styled, open concept laundry zones feel fresh rather than cluttered. Here are some ideas for showcasing laundry in your cooking space.

Exposed Shelving

Forgo cabinetry and place laundry units on open shelving. This allows you to highlight the appliances as if they are decorative objects. Opt for front-loading washers and dryers so controls stay conveniently up top. Paint the wall behind a lively color to serve as an accent backdrop. Don’t forget to add matching bins and baskets to corral supplies when not in use.

laundry in the kitchen ideas

Platforms for Front-Loading Machines

Elevate front-loading washers and dryers on matching platforms or pedestals. Raising the appliances not only puts controls at an ergonomic height, but also creates concealed storage space below. When the wash is not running, the raised machines can even be used as extra countertop workspace. Just make sure they are at the ideal working height for you.

Wall-Mounted Drying Racks

Skip the dryer altogether and opt for an open wall-mounted drying rack instead. Locate it near the washer so freshly washed clothes can be easily transferred over to air dry. Stainless steel or wooden racks complement most aesthetics. Just be sure to allow ample airflow around the fixture.

Multitasking Countertops

By nature, countertops offer flat and ample surface area in kitchens. This makes them the perfect laundry folding station when not being used for food prep. Durable materials tailored to your personal style allow you to comfortably sort, fold, and organize laundry. Consider these countertop ideas for kitchen spaces.

Quartz Offers Durability

With scratch, stain, and heat resistance, quartz countertops handle messy laundry duties while maintaining their smooth appearance over time. The nonporous surface also makes quartz easy to clean and sanitize. Quartz comes in a wide array of patterns to suit your taste.

Stainless Steel for Industrial Look

A stainless steel countertop provides a streamlined, industrial look. This material is extremely durable and easy to disinfect. Locate your stainless surface near the laundry machines for efficient workflow when transferring wet clothes. The ample flat space gives you room to comfortably fold clothes or lay out delicate knits.

Customize with Bins and Organizers

Maximize your laundry countertop by customizing it with organizational add-ons. Pull-out trays give you access to laundry essentials while keeping counters clear. Hanging racks provide a place to air dry delicates. Bins and baskets corral loose laundry accessories and keep sorting piles contained. Just be sure to leave plenty of open space for folding and preparing clothes.

Creative Laundry Nook Spaces

For the ultimate space-saving solution, create a dedicated laundry nook tucked right into the kitchen layout. Take advantage of awkward corners and underused areas. With the right organizational touches, even the smallest niche can become a functional laundry zone.

Carve Out an Unused Corner

Pay attention to wasted space in corners and along walls. These areas are perfect for carving out laundry nooks. Custom build cabinetry, shelves, and racks to fit the space. Make sure to incorporate specialized storage solutions like pull-out ironing boards and hanging bars for laundry bags. The unused space becomes remarkably useful.

Paint Nook a Bold Color

Make a laundry nook feel bright and cheerful with a bold accent wall color. Opt for happy hues like aqua, chartreuse, or coral to lighten up small spaces devoted to laundry duty. Painting just one wall prevents overwhelming the kitchen’s overall color palette. The vibrant nuance gives the nook personality.

Incorporate Wallpaper or Decals

Give your laundry nook extra flair with wallpaper, removable decals, or stenciled designs. Playful prints and patterns infuse personality into the utilitarian space without breaking the budget. Opt for motiffs that relate to laundry and cleaning, like clothesline poles, laundry symbols or spray bottles. The whimsy disguises the workload.

With some creativity and strategic planning, any kitchen can accommodate laundry functions – whether you prefer discrete hidden appliances or statement open designs. By focusing both on enhancing efficiency and expressing your unique style, you can craft a custom laundry area that makes washing clothes more bearable. Steal one or more of these 10 laundry in kitchen ideas to reinvigorate your cooking space with fresh multipurpose appeal.

Which ideas sparked your interest? Brainstorm how to make doing laundry more convenient while reflecting your personal taste. Aim for an optimized layout that discreetly tucks appliances away or proudly displays them. Choose durable countertop materials suited for laundry tasks. And don’t forget to inject a dose of color or whimsy to lighten laundry duties. However you choose to implement it, bringing laundry to the kitchen saves precious time while giving the oft-overlooked chore a stylish makeover.

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