Reimagine Your Shower Space with Creative Niche Designs

Is your shower starting to feel stale and boring? Are you looking for ways to upgrade your shower’s design with functional flair? Installing a creatively styled shower niche may be just what you need to reimagine your shower space. A shower niche adds storage and acts as a built-in cubby to corral all your bath […]

Relocate Your Stove Gas Line in 5 Simple Steps

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply want to move your stove to a different spot, relocating the gas line is a crucial part of the job. Doing it properly ensures safe stove operation in the new location. While not overly complex with the right planning and materials, it’s not a project to undertake lightly […]

Grey House? Give Your Front Door a Splash of Color

Grey has become one of the most popular exterior house colors in recent years. With its versatility and modern appeal, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners opt for grey siding or paint on their home’s exterior. But plain grey can sometimes fall flat and look a bit boring if other elements of the […]

Declutter Your Space with a Wall-Mounted Floating Nightstand

Is your bedroom feeling cramped and cluttered? Are you tired of tripping over that bulky nightstand next to your bed? A floating nightstand with USB could be the perfect solution to declutter your space and keep your essentials close at hand. Floating nightstands are a popular and space-saving alternative to traditional floor-standing nightstands. As the […]

Warm Up Your Kitchen With Soothing Blue & Grey Tones

If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen with a modern yet tranquil aesthetic, a blue and grey color scheme is the perfect choice. The blend of cool blues and grounded greys creates a soothing, peaceful ambiance that warms up any kitchen space. From playful pastels to bold navy hues, the possibilities are endless for infusing […]

How to Choose the Perfect Small Wall Oven for Your Tiny Kitchen

Having a small kitchen with limited space can make cooking feel like a chore. However, by installing a compact wall oven, you can maximize your tiny kitchen’s functionality and enjoy all the perks of a full-sized oven without sacrificing precious counter space. When shopping for the ideal small wall oven, there are several key factors […]

Get Your Cabinets Securely On The Wall With This Guide

Installing kitchen cabinets can be an intimidating task, especially if you’re unsure about how to properly attach them to the wall. Wobbly or misaligned cabinets not only look unprofessional, but can cause headaches down the road with doors and drawers that don’t function properly. Fortunately, armed with the right tools, materials, and techniques for your […]

The Complete Guide to Mixing and Matching Teal and Tan Curtains

Teal and tan have become a popular curtain color combination for good reason. The bold, contemporary teal pairs beautifully with the warm, earthy tan to create a look that is both stylish and inviting. When used together in curtains, these two colors complement each other perfectly while also adding beautiful dimension and contrast to any […]